Is a Butler Sink Right For You?

A butler sink is a kitchen sink that was originally designed for the Butler’s pantry in London. Butler sinks were designed to reduce straining or leaning on top of the counter to use the sink. This is why butler sinks display an apron front. Butler sinks are unique and add a simple and timeless feel to your kitchen. If you are unsure about whether a butler sink will suit your kitchen style or preferences, let’s look at the pros and cons of a kitchen butler sink.

#1 Pros


Butler sinks are unique and provide an elegant and stylish appearance and will give a beautiful look to any kitchen. Depending on the style and size of your kitchen, whether you are going for a country design or a modern and sleek kitchen, a butler sink will suit any theme.


Butler sinks are individual, which means your sink will definitely stand out. If your kitchen is quite simple in design and you are after a wow factor, have a butler sink installed to add a touch of individuality to your kitchen.


A butler sink is large and rectangular in size which means there are no issues when having a number of people to dinner. The sink size allows all the dirty dishes, pot and pans to soak together and busy kitchens can benefit from the double bowl model.

Versatile Look

The original butler sink was made from ceramic, however, material options now range from stone to composite stone and with a beautiful benchtop and tapware you will truly have a wonderful kitchen the whole family can enjoy. If you have any questions about the butler sink, please reach out to our team of specialists who will assist in helping you select the perfect butler sink for your kitchen.

#2 Cons


Installing a butler sink can be quite costly, due to the large size of the sink and unique front, it can often be difficult to install, and you must have a large kitchen benchtop.  However after the installation is complete, we can guarantee the installation process was worth it.


A butler sink is heavy and correct installation is important and deciding on the right size and whether a single or double bowl would be preferable are important decisions you must consider.  So selecting a professional bathroom / kitchen company will guarantee your sink is installed and the plumbing is functionally correctly.

Hard to DIY

Because the sink is quite heavy, and installation must be done correctly the sink can be a hard DIY project. We recommend having a professional install the butler sink to guarantee no possible issues arising.

Whether a single or double style, the classic butler sink will be an ageless and impressive feature in any kitchen. Perfectly equipped for any household, it will work in either a country home or a modern house. Contact Just Bathroomware today and a friendly team member will be happy to answer any questions you may have.