Introducing Brodware Halo X Tapware Range

Brodware Halo X Tapware range – Exclusive and available from Just Bathroomware Sydney


The new Brodware Halo X tapware range is an ergonomic addition to their highly sought-after Halo range, it includes a variety of fittings tailored to specific applications. With numerous PVD finishes available, the subtle sophistication of Halo X tapware can be personalised to meet your design style and blend seamlessly with the overall character of your bathroom or kitchen renovation.



Brodware’s signature knurling is etched around the crisp minimal face of the speciality brass used in the manufacture of the new Halo X tapware range to deliver tactile and visual elegance in any chosen space.



Drawing from the timeless simplicity of the circle, the Brodware Halo X is controlled by rotation, allowing for a simple, satisfying method to regulate the flow and temperature of water.




Progressive Mixer Technology


Progressive mixer technology introduces minimal, low-profile mixer designs. It allows the flow of water and temperature control to be simple and precise. Progressive mixers are designed and engineered to operate most effectively at full flow. Flow rate is determined by water pressure except when used in conjunction with a restricted outlet. This is the case with fixtures which require WELS certified restrictors to be supplied. In these cases the restricted outlet will adjust and determine the flow rate. From the off position, turning clockwise will begin the flow of cold water. As the mixer approaches the mid-point, full flow is reached and hot water begins to mix, continuing until only hot water is flowing from the outlet.


We recommend supplementing this collection with accessories from the Yokato collection to complete your space.

Exclusive Brodware Halo X tapware is available for purchase through selected distributors only.


Introducing Brodware Halo X Tapware Range