Duravit Sensowash Shower Toilets - Intelligent Bidet Smart Toilet Technology

Smart toilets, the latest innovation in modern toilet technology.  Duravit Sensowash shower toilets are an all in one, sustainable paper-free solution. 

The difference between a shower-toilet attachment and a complete toilet system, is that with the Duravit shower-toilet attachment all the technical functions are integrated into the seat. This means they are great for retrofitting onto existing toilets. However, not every toilet is compatible with the shower-toilet attachment. With a complete system, the toilet bowl and seat are purchased as a complete unit, i.e. as a ready-to-use shower toilet.

Duravit sensowash bidet shower toilet

What is a shower toilet?

A shower toilet, also called a Japanese toilet, is a combination of a bidet and toilet, which goes above and beyond the functional aspect of a toilet, offering unique highlights. After using the toilet, your rear and intimate areas are thoroughly and specifically cleaned with water from the bidet toilet's extendable spray wand, which has an automatic self-cleaning function before and after it is used. The exact position of the spray wand can be set and saved in advance, so you can call up your individually customised settings for your morning routine at the touch of a button. The temperature of the water and the intensity of the water jet can also be precisely adjusted to each user's individual needs to provide a gentle cleaning. For a long-lasting, clean, refreshing feeling!


Shower toilets from Duravit combine maximum comfort, user-friendliness and high-quality workmanship - users will especially appreciate the gentle cleaning function of the bidet. No matter your circumstances: Shower toilets are ideal for everyone who appreciates this feel-good factor and who wants a brief period of rest and relaxation in their day. In addition, certain user groups can benefit from toilet showers in particular. This includes people who are in long-term care situations, for example, and those with limited mobility. The integrated toilet seat with soft-close lid and the automatic opening and closing function of the lid also make using the toilet even easier. This opens up the possibility of regaining a degree of autonomy - and increasing quality of life - with the help of shower toilets. People with physical limitations can also greatly benefit from a toilet with bidet function that is gentle to use. It should be noted here that shower toilets will provide everyone with an undeniable increase in comfort, regardless of age or physical condition. Now you can enjoy the bidet's practical cleaning function - integrated directly into the toilet.

Functions of Duravit SensoWash® Shower Toilets

Duravit SensoWash® shower toilets are true luxury items, a number of models suit various Duravit bathroom ceramics series as well as bidet toilet attachments. Duravit shower toilets are not only visually impressive but they also offer a multitude of functions.

Highlights include:

• Various shower functions: Rear wash, lady wash, comfort wash
• Adjustable water temperature and water jet intensity
• Seat heating with multiple levels
• The inner bowl is illuminated to make finding the toilet at night easier
• User profiles that can be customized with your favorite program
• SensoWash® App (Starck f model) and remote control for easy use

Other features are also included, such as the soft-close lid system, a seat sensor that prevents unintended use, a decalcifying function and extendable self-cleaning shower nozzles. The warm air dryer and the Duravit Rimless® flushing technology round off our shower toilets. Further details can be found in our SensoWash® Starck f and Sensowash® Slim product categories.




Advantages of Duravit Shower Toilets

1. Hygiene
Shower toilets take personal hygiene to a new level and are the most hygienic solution for thoroughly cleaning that area of the body after using the toilet. The shower leaves you with a pleasant freshness that lasts a long time.
2. Sustainability
Shower toilets are especially environmentally friendly since they clean with water alone - no toilet paper is wasted. Valuable natural resources are saved thanks to modern toilet flushing and the ability to use the toilet without wasting any paper. What's more, it is a much softer and gentler cleaning solution.
3. Innovation
We work with first-class technologies and are constantly developing our shower toilets. The settings can be adjusted intuitively, easily and conveniently using the remote control or the SensoWash® App on your smartphone. This makes it extremely easy for everyone to use, including people with limited mobility.
4. Comfort
The innovative rimless design, modern seat heating and integrated warm air dryer will help transform your toilet area into a little oasis of well-being within your own four walls.
5. Individuality
Simply create a user profile for the respective shower-toilet and you can adjust the settings to your individual wishes and needs and save them so you can call up your favorite program in any situation at the touch of a button.
6. Aesthetics
Our first-class SensoWash® shower toilets are not only impressive because of their comfortable feel and impeccable functionality. The designs are also versatile and very modern. They can also easily be individually matched with other bathroom furnishing elements.
7. Multifunctionality
Shower toilets from Duravit are multifunctional and offer extensive, innovative functions that meet the highest demands. In addition to the rear-wash and seat heating functions of the bidet toilet, many other functions can be used as desired.
8. Space-Saving Design
Shower-toilets save on space since you don't need a separate bidet in your bathroom - the rear shower is already integrated into the toilet. You don't have to move over to the bidet to get a refreshing shower.
9. High Quality
Duravit stands behind the functionality, timeless design and perfect comfort of our high-quality products that leave nothing to be desired. Our shower toilets combine all of this by merging a toilet and bidet into one. Credit 2023 Duravit AG

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