Best Bathroom Mirrors, LED Mirrors, Frame-less and Framed Mirrors- Top Quality & Design

Remer bathroom mirrors and LED mirrors  a proudly Australian company, delivering elegant mirror solutions since 2017. Suitable for any space in your home.

Their valued and diverse team marries emerging technology with the evolving tastes and demands of modern lifestyles. Each resulting creation is a masterpiece of opulent style, remarkable innovation and life-enhancing functionality. 

Remer's thoughtfully-engineered products are found in elegant homes and developments. Architects, developers and interior designers are among their advocates, trusting the Remer name for iconic products supported by outstanding quality and after sales service.

Remer Oval LED Mirror


At Remer, they believe that your daily routine should be both functional and beautiful. That’s why their illuminated mirrors and shaving cabinets are a perfect blend of lighting, modern technology, and sleek design. With features like demisters, magnifiers and Bluetooth speakers,  products are both visually appealing and incredibly convenient. With just a simple touch, you can activate these functions and make your daily life a little more comfortable and hassle-free.


Remer LED lighting colours



Remer Mirrors and LED Mirrors are available to order as frame-less or with an Aluminium frame. Aluminium frames come in a choice of elegant colours to suit any bathroom, en-suite, dressing room, enterance hallway, walk-in robe or bedroom design style or colour scheme.

Remer aluminium mirror frame colour choices


Choice the mirror shape and size to suit your space, from Arch, Round, Oval and Rectangular (either portrait or landscape).

Remer shapes and styles





Remer mirrors and LED mirrors suitable for any space in your home

 Mirror mirror on the wall.... you can be the fairest of them all!

- The Miro Mirror with Magnifier embodies perfection unframed and boundless , from the frosted glass edges to the symmetrical silhouette. Every line and angle is a flawless execution of innovative design that translates into a stunning focal point on your bathroom wall.

Each model’s copper-free mirror delivers crisp, pristine reflections that capture every nuance and detail with undistorted accuracy. Carefully positioned LEDs provide balanced, uniform illumination, while precisely calibrated back lighting casts an enticing glow. In effect, your MIRO installation enhances the rejuvenating ambience of your space and establishes a new standard of visual clarity.

 In-built, touch-sensor-activated features help revolutionise your daily routines.

The demister (with 1-hour automatic cut-off) ensures a seamless transition from showering to grooming, sparing you the frustrations of a fogged-up mirror. Get up close and personal with the light-ringed magnifier* that eliminates overhead shadows and empowers meticulous makeup application or manscaping – all while the rhythms of your favourite playlist emanate from the Bluetooth speakers*.

*available in select models, only

Remer MIRO bathroom mirror with magnifyer


What is the advantage of a copper free mirror?
Copper free mirrors has the features of clear imaging, high reflectivity, high brightness, and good color reproduction as well as high durability.
Corrosion in mirrors usually appears in the form of small black dots that spread from the corner edges of the mirror. Rusting appears below the surface of the coating. Once they appear, there is no way to recover.
The biggest benefit to copper free mirrors is the reduced corrosion. Since copper-free mirrors are more expensive to manufacture, it will also come with a slightly more cost but with eco-friendly and premium quality features. 
Remer quality copper free bathroom mirrors


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