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W 450mm x D 450mm x H 850mm

Flute Pedestal Basin by United Products


W 600mm x D 400mm x H 910mm

Contour Pedestal Basin by United Products


W 470mm x D 510mm x H 400mm

Halo Wall Hung Basin by United Products


United Products

United Products Basins

United Products offers wet area artefacts for contemporary and classic spaces. They are designed with intention – marrying function with elegance; distilling precision in form.

Their designers’ industry knowledge is unparalleled. Unifying creative intuition and anticipation of user experiences, a new standard for bathroom products is set. Designed in Australia for the unique Australian market. United Products collaborate with notable Australian designers and architects to deliver appropriate solutions for individual projects.

Principled by designing for style and longevity and not following trends, they create timeless artifacts using extremely low energy input materials. By combining natural minerals (Gibbsite) and UV stable resins that acts as the bonding agent. Using a catalyst that generates heat during production that sets the product in mould. The entire manufacturing process uses a tiny fraction of energy that ceramic and concrete products do. The process uses no water unlike that of both ceramic and concrete production.

U.P solid surface can be repaired at any point of its life cycle. This gives the product a very unique characteristic, it eliminates production rejects and materials lost to defects.

U.P solid surface has been tested and conform to AS 3558 – Stain resistance, colour fastness, resistant to surface scratching, impact resistant and UV stable. Their solid surface is homogeneous, abrasive cleaners can be used as well as sanding for real stubborn stains.

U.P solid surface does not contain silica.