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Schock Sinks are the global market leader in the granite sink market. Schock invented the granite sink in 1979 and have been constantly reinventing it ever since. The result is more than 200 sink models in as many as 40 Colours. Handmade in Germany, Schock is renowned for their global leadership in manufacturing and distributing Granite sinks to the world. In fact, over 1.5 million sinks are sold globally each year!

Around 80% of the material used in their sinks is quartz, the hardest constituent of granite. The granite used is combined with high-grade acrylic to produce a hardened composite that is resistant to cracks and dirt and is also responsible for the long life of the sink. Their sinks currently comprises two Granite materials – CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE®.

What’s the best way to tell the difference between the two of them? With your hands! CRISTALITE® has a finish that feels stony and slightly rough, while the patented, pore-less finish of CRISTADUR® shines with a silky-smooth feel. Whereas the premium finish of CRISTADUR® occupies an absolute top spot in the quartz composite market, CRISTALITE® is our ever-popular classic, constantly reinventing itself in many marvellous on-trend colours.

All Schock materials boast the following attributes: Antibacterial, Easy to clean, Food-safe, UV-stable, Stain-resistant

What both have in common is their unique product quality that can only come from being handmade by people who put their heart into it. Sinks made from the best raw materials from the local region in Germany with the hands of experienced employees. In their work they always have an eye for detail, a nose for trends and a heart that beats for the extraordinary.