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We supply the finest bathroom plumbing accessories to elevate your bathrooms function and design. From bottle traps to plug & wastes, S and P traps, floor grates and diverter mixer bodies, each piece is crafted with precision and style to enhance your bathroom experience.

What are Bottle Traps?

Bottle traps are not just functional plumbing accessories; preventing any unwanted particles from entering the drain system while also maintaining the water seal to prevent odours entering the bathroom. Some with stylish designs and various finishes that add a touch of style to your bathroom. 

Why Choose Plug & Wastes?

Plug & wastes are more than just practical components of your bathroom basin and bath; they are another detail that reflects design and style in the bathroom. 

Discover the Need of S and P Traps

S and P traps are not just ordinary plumbing fittings both have similar designs, with the curved shape of each trap keeping a bit of water in the bend. This water barrier mechanism reduces odours from sewage entering your home. The determination of whether an S or P trap is needed depends on the specific requirements of the toilet and bathroom constraints.

Experience Function with Diverter Mixer Bodies

A diverter mixer body is installed in the shower wall prior to tiling and is a key functional component made from materials. Diverter bodies controls temperature, water flow, and shower function.

Please visit or contact our experienced consultants from our Drummoyne or Crows Nest Sydney showrooms for further information or advise.