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To Newform an Italian based manufacturing company, design is an absolute value. Function becomes an aesthetic symbol and bath fittings are elevated to furnishing details which represents lifestyle and personality.

For this reason Newform is continuously looking for new stylistic and technological solutions not only within the boundary of the industry, but with an equal eye on the fashion world.

Every product becomes a real synthesis of quality, pure design and a charismatic style, adapted to satisfy any different taste. From bathroom and kitchen tapware, shower and bath taps to bathroom accessories, collections such as Libera, Ergo, Flux and Morpho.

Newform LAB is a creative lab, an aesthetical philosophy, and a cultural experience which is manifest from the drive for research and a comprehensive study of innovative shapes gives birth to beauty through the commingling of innovative trends which originate from various artistic fields.

The project promotes unique experiences aimed to define a path where intelligence meets sensibility, talent and application, thanks to the valuable contribution of exceptional protagonists of the most avant-garde communities of thought and design leaders.