Contemporary Under Counter Basins

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W 1215mm x D 380mm x H 15mm

Rossendale 122 Trough Inset / Under Counter Basin by Victoria + Albert


W 1065mm x D 379mm x H 15mm

Rossendale 107 Trough Inset / Under Counter Basin by Victoria + Albert


L 560mm x D 85mm x H 139mm

Kaldera 56 Under Counter Basin by Victoria + Albert


L 610mm x D 74mm x H 134mm

Kaldera 62 Under Counter Basin by Victoria + Albert


485mm, 600mm

Vero Air Under Counter Basin by Duravit


W 495mm x D 290mm

D-Code Under Counter Basin by Duravit


W 490mm x D 365mm

Starck 3 Under Counter Basin by Duravit


W 550mm x D 375mm

Nettuno Under Counter Basin by Parisi


W 475mm x D 290mm

Slim II Under Counter Basin by Parisi


W 480mm x D 345mm

Happy D.2 Under Counter Basin by Duravit


W 430mm x D 280mm

Foster Under Counter Basin by Duravit


Contemporary Under Counter Basins

A contemporary-style sink with an under-counter basin is a great option that fits most design and lifestyle preferences. The way contemporary under-counter basins blend into their surroundings can give your bathroom sink area a simple and clean look, making it the perfect canvas.

The beauty and practicality of the contemporary

Contemporary under-counter basins can make a bold statement, no matter how simple they may look. There’s a fun and collaborative synergy when the modern design is paired with under-counter basins since the interior design style emphasises clean lines and the spaces they create. With the basin installed underneath, the sink area forms a seamless benchtop with more surface area for you to get on with your daily routines.

Contemporary under-counter basins can also hide the clunk of traditional plumbing and bathroom fixtures we’re used to seeing in a bathroom, giving you more space to breathe and fill with your bathroom necessities and decorative elements you love.

Moreover, installing contemporary under-counter basins can help you keep your space clean and tidy. You have more space to place and organise items, plus the seamless countertops are much more effortless to manage — no more nooks and crannies for dirt and mould to inhabit.

Update your bathroom with Just Bathroomware’s help

Replacing outdated basins with one of our contemporary under-counter basins will make your bathroom look stylish and timeless. Just Bathroomware’s selection of contemporary under-counter basins is sleek, optimised and designed with the users in mind — they’re exactly what a bathroom update calls for.

At Just Bathroomware, you can find a range of the best contemporary under-counter basins for sale made by the top manufacturers of bathroom pieces.

Contemporary designs from leading global brands such as Duravit, Studio Bagno and Victoria + Albert, which will guarantee you a basin of the highest quality made with cutting-edge technology.

All the brands we house only produce contemporary under-counter basins of the highest standards. With functionality and durability in mind, they are also at the forefront of innovative modern designs.

Visit our showrooms for inspiration

Before buying contemporary under-counter basins from Just Bathroomware, you can check them out in person by visiting one of our NSW showrooms in Drummoyne or Crows Nest.

You are sure to find the sink you’re looking for with the help of our expert staff — along with all the other bathroom fixtures to suit your style and needs.

Our showrooms feature the best of our collection, and they’re the perfect place to gain inspiration for any renovation project. You can also feel our high-quality pieces with your own hands, so you’re certain about your purchase.

If you’re still unsure of what you’re looking for or are in any doubt at all, don’t be afraid to ask our staff — they will gladly help point you in the right direction.

Get in touch with us for more

Our team at Just Bathroomware has expert knowledge of bathroomware, interior design and spatial renovations, and we’re confident we can answer most questions you may have.

We can also discuss custom designs for bespoke vanities perfectly tailored to the under-counter basin of your choosing. If you already know what you’re looking for or have something specific in mind, you can contact us to speak with one of our renovation consultants. 

We help ensure you’re completely comfortable and satisfied with your chosen contemporary under-counter basin and provide you with the specifications required for the renovation process.


How are contemporary under-counter basins installed?

To maintain the clutter-free look of contemporary under-counter basins, they are usually attached using a bracket or clips screwed into the underside of the basin and bolted directly into the countertops.

Occasionally, a sealant made of silicone may be used around the edges of the basin for additional water tightness and security. It still depends on the model you choose and any particular preferences you may have for the vanity area.

Are contemporary under-counter basins easy to maintain?

The streamlined design of contemporary under-counter basins makes them easier to clean. The contour of the basin shapes minimises resistance, so water flows easily, with virtually no place for dirt and bacteria to stick and hide.

Additionally, they usually have a long lifespan. Sanitary porcelain is ideal because of its durability and resistance to extreme temperatures.

We can guarantee that Just Bathroomware’s basins are made with the best components and designs so your bathroom sinks remain functional and pristine for years to come.

How do I know if a basin will fit my bathroom?

You will need to check the depths of the sink area and countertops, refer to the measurements of your chosen basin model, and the existing plumbing in your house.

We recommend you contact us so that one of our experts can address any concerns you may have.