Why You Should Purchase Designer Bathroom Ware

Designer bathroom ware are known for their high-quality finishes and durability. Contrary to belief, they are far more than simply a name. Just Bathroomware are proud to stock some of the leading Australian manufacturers and European brands for bathroom ware. See a few of the reasons below as to why we stick by our leading designer brands for bathroom ware.

Warranty & Durability

A warranty is one of the key benefits to purchasing bathroom ware from a renowned designer such as Duravit, Villeroy & Boch, Victoria + Albert, Kaldewei and Brodware, to name a few. It not only gives you peace of mind as a consumer but also, it demonstrates that the manufacturer is confident in their product lasting for a long time. For example, Villeroy & Boch offer a 10-year guarantee on all their baths made from acrylic or Quaryl. Many of the Brands we stock, have a 10-30-year warranty with Terms & Conditions. Cheaper products usually have shorter warranties that only last up to a year and less known brands may not be around in years to come if issues arise with their product. Additionally, they may not have an established warranty registration process which most of our designer brands and suppliers back.

Extra Replacement Parts

Just Bathroomware have been in business for over 22 years and we are usually able to get spare parts for products that we sell. Given the durability of these products, customers will come back possibly requesting a spare part for their shower a decade later and it is comforting to know that We have long standing relationships with leading suppliers to source these parts for a product that was sold 10 years ago. When we take into consideration cheaper and unknown brands that produce mass quantities of products at a reduced quality, it is understandable that they will not hold onto spare parts for a model that was made years ago. Therefore, in the long run, you save money on having to replace the entire tapware or shower system because of one part.

Completing the Set

Creating a harmonious bathroom can be difficult as it is not marketed as often as say, a bedroom furniture suite. Customers may buy bathroom ware segmentally. Designer brands such as Brodware supply everything from the showers, the taps to heated towel rails. Therefore, you can keep the style and colour consistent across the board. A common misconception is if you purchase a specific finish such as ‘swiss brass’, it is the same colour across the board, no matter what brand you choose. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Cheaper brands may not supply a whole bathroom range in the same style or colour, and you may find yourself outsourcing to fill in the blanks. The problem with this is that you may not find the colour match or material as what you have currently. Leaving you with a mix-matched bathroom.

More Room for Customisation

Purchasing from a brochure may seem like the standardised approach for all bathroom ware. This is where designer brands shine. They can provide countless colour and material combinations across their entire range. You can customise bathtubs with custom print overlays or paint the exterior any colour from the Dulux colour chart. Colours do not have to be limited to simply your walls and décor. So, the possibilities are truly endless with customisable bathroom ware! You do not get this luxury with cheaper, low-end bathroom ware brands.

Designer Brands Exclusive to Just Bathroomware

Just Bathroomware have long standing relationships with the leading bathroom ware suppliers in Australia and Europe. Some of the biggest Australian brands we are currently selling are Sussex Tapware, a Melbourne-based company and Brodware. Additionally, we stock some rare and exclusive European brands that are not seen in Australia very often. Our most prominent European brands include Villeroy & Boch Tapware, well-known Italian tapware – Gessi Tapware and Hansgrohe, a 200-year-old German manufacturer known for their incredible quality and constantly staying ahead of the trends.

If you want to get a hold of some of these exceptional brands, contact Just Bathroomware today to learn more about how we can fit out your entire bathroom.