What’s Your Bathroom Style? Not sure, look for inspiration – Find Your Style


Once you determine your bathroom style that you love and are drawn too, this is a big step towards choosing your product shapes, colour palette, finishes and accessories for your bathroom renovation design.  See our Find Your Style bathroom inspiration gallery images to help decide what bathroom designs and ideas you love. Whether a Contemporary bathroom design, an Organic bathroom design, a Monochrome, Classic or Traditional bathroom design, there are also ideas and samples of Bespoke bathroom products and finishes if you choose to add your own individual stamp to your bathroom interior design project.




Organic bathroom design, balanced and natural forms with smooth curved edges and nature inspired textures; neutral pastel colours and elements such as wood, stone, water and where natural light is used as a feature.

Tweak the Organic design to fit with your personal style or that of your home:

Organic Minimalist Style – Smooth timber, simple shapes, smart shelving and storage to tuck away mess. Soft minimal colour pallet, a wire light pendant and minimise the number of different elements in the space.

Organic Modernism Style – Such as a Scandinavian or Nordic feel, timber vibe, fur, leather, textured rug, modern soft furnishing, sling leather chair, modern light pendant.

Organic Industrial Style – A stripped back architecture with elements such as exposed bricks and concrete, iron pipes, weathered timbers and industrial windows, featuring the building materials and surfaces previously removed or concealed. Industrial design can have many twists, weathered timbers, exposed brick and iron for a Rustic Industrial look. A white-washed vintage timber vanity, a claw foot bath and a chandelier for a Shabby Chic Industrial style to clean white painted walls, polished concrete a leather backed chair and industrial light fittings for a Modern Industrial Style.

Organic design -Raw relaxed minimalist bathroom design, make it your own.




Contemporary bathroom design – Looks that are in style at current time, all about right now the latest trends. Subtle to sophisticated using sleek, strong, clean straight lines. Geometric shapes and minimal clutter, an accenting statement piece or a splash of bold colour. Comfort and sustainability are key values that are important in contemporary style, an open-minded style that allows you to change colours or pieces that are new and current.

Contemporary design – works best in uncluttered spaces- Clean yet chic.




Classic bathroom design evokes a nostalgic charm, classic and gracious in style from luxurious Victorian, complex with gleaming touches of gold and brass, the use of rich wall paper, marble and wall sconces; to rustic French provincial inspired, a glamourous chandelier and a freestanding bathtub – warm, weathered and romantic.

If you love the classic charm but are after a more contemporary style; a modern take on Classic is the Retro Style or an eclectic mix of Asian, Shaker, old and new.

Classic design – The result is an enduring design that is elegant, sophisticated that gives a personal touch.





Monochrome bathroom design – A combination of black, white and shades of grey, together with the use of layered textures, geometric shapes and patterns work extremely well to achieve this chic design style.

For an added style twist to the Monochrome design accents of marble, timber, aged brass or rose golds are a sophisticated addition; as is adding textured dimensions such as linen, woven natural rugs, textured tiles and wall paper. For an extra wow factor, a pop of colour can be added without disrupting the overall Monochrome style.

Monochrome design – a contemporary design style that makes black and white a little more interesting.


Come in a visit our passionate experienced bathroom consultants and discuss your requirements for your new bathroom renovation they will be happy to work with you so you get your beautiful dream bathroom.