Villeroy & Boch All-round hygiene innovations

Hygienic, anti-bacterial and simple to clean – Villeroy & Boch hygiene champ helps keep your bathroom free from disease. The rimless Direct Flush toilet with innovative CeramicPlus and AntiBac surfaces is the perfect hygiene solution. The best part: It saves a lot of water and cleaning agents. Triple hygiene is simply the safest.


Villeroy & Boch CeramicPlus

More cleanliness – more time for quality of life.

CeramicPlus is the innovative development for clean and particularly easy-care ceramic surfaces. The CeramicPlus surface refinement has a decisive advantage: Fluids immediately form droplets on making contact and bead off into the outlet. Residues such as dirt and scale can hardly stick to the surface and are swept away. Cleaning ceramic coated with CeramicPlus is thus easier. Dried limescale marks are removed in no time at all without using aggressive, abrasive and polluting cleaners. CeramicPlus establishes optimum hygiene and fresh cleanliness on all surfaces. The material is resistant to normal acid and alkaline based household articles and against medical and cosmetic products.

Highest quality with easy care
  • Scratch-resistant and durable surfaces
  • Hygienic and clean
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Insensitive to acids and alkalis
  • High material quality standards

Villeroy & Boch Quaryl
Clean and safe – without compromise

Safety and cleanliness are two top priorities in the bathroom. With Quaryl®, they have managed to develop a material whose smooth, pore-free surface presents hardly any hold for dirt and lime – simplifying cleaning for a permanent, gleaming shine. Also Quaryl® baths with integrated whirlpool system can be cleaned easily and quickly thanks to the flush mounting of their jets in the material. At the same time, Quaryl® baths are also slip-resistant – a good, safe feeling for you.


Perfected design meets ideal functionality

Quaryl® combines precision and unique design possibilities. Precision casting technology allows material designs with high precision edges and small radii. The result is custom fitting, narrow joints, and perfect tile and surface alignment in shower bases and bathtubs. Quaryl® therefore guarantees absolute hygiene and easy cleaning.



Cleanliness in an instant.

Germs and bacteria are all around us. In the wrong place or wrong concentrations, however, they can cause serious diseases. Especially germs that can be found in the bathroom and specifically on the toilet seat should be removed with thorough hygienic measures. So far, thorough cleaning of the toilet seat and its underside was possible only after a long series of manual operations.


Easy cleaning

Villeroy & Boch has found a solution to this problem: Toilet seats featuring QuickRelease technology can be removed and just as easily reattached in an instant. You can then easily clean the toilet seat at all those places that are otherwise difficult to reach. At the same time, the SoftClosing function of the toilet seat means the lid closes gently and silently, thanks to shock absorbers integrated into the hinges.




Innovation – DirectFlush

The new generation of rimless toilets.

A perfect design for the highest degree of cleanliness
Thanks to the innovative rimless design, DirectFlush WCs can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly – for quintessential hygiene. It can be hard to clean under the rim of a standard toilet as the toilet brush and cleaning agent do not reach everywhere.
  • Easy care and immaculate cleaning
  • thanks to the rimless design
  • The total interior of the bowl is completely flushed
  • Precise, splash-free flow of water in the toilet right up to the level directly below the rim
  • Attractive and timeless design
  • Can easily be incorporated into any bathroom
  • Invisible fixation system for the ceramics collection Subway 2.0
  • Ideal water flow for maximum flushing effect
  • Water-saving, with a flushing volume of only 3 or 4.5 liters

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