Top 5 things to consider before renovating

There are many things to consider when renovating your bathroom – budget, desired style and time frame included; however there are also a handful of other decisions to make before jumping in the deep end.

Bath or Shower?

One of the major decisions you should make before commencing the design of the bathroom is whether or not you need a bathtub. Admittedly, a bathtub may seem like a luxurious option for relaxing, however, it isn’t really necessary for everyday use. This is particularly applicable in smaller homes or apartments where space is limited and highly valuable. If you only use your bath a few times a year, consider opting for just a shower instead.


Appropriate lighting is a necessity for every bathroom as it affects daily usage. Whether you choose lighting based on aesthetic or functional purposes is up to you, however it is a good idea to keep your needs in mind. It may be a good idea to install bright lighting for shaving or makeup purposes.


Plumbing is a major factor to consider before renovating your bathroom. Residential plumbing typically uses 40mm pipes for drains, however 50mm is a better bet if circumstances allow. This will ensure that the drains are less likely to clog later on down the road. It is also a good idea to keep the under-sink space free from pipes in order to allow for maximum storage space.

Shower Floors

Shower floors are typically comprised of small tiles as they provide better grip. This is important as it helps to minimise slips and falls when it is slippery and wet.

Zero Threshold Shower

Once used primarily for those who have mobility issues, zero threshold showers are now a popular choice for those wanting sleek, contemporary lines. It can increase the amount of functional space in the bathroom, helping it appear more spacious and open.


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