Top 5 Interesting Bathroom Fixture Finishes

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Here are the top 5 bathroom fixture finishes of 2017.


Brass fixtures are the perfect finishing touch for traditional spaces. They add colour, texture and visual interest to a room, creating a sense of warmth and hospitality.


Concrete has been a go-to choice for contemporary designers in recent years, and not without good reason. When incorporated into a room, it brings a raw feeling with an industrial style. Concrete can be used for a variety of different items including tapware, vanities and basins. This can help to create a holistic design.


Copper is a great choice when searching for materials to pair with expensive, luxurious surfaces such as marble. It has a classy, old-world feel, adding sophistication to any room it is used in. Copper can also help to create the industrial-chic look that is currently trending.

Rose Gold

If you’re searching for a finish that’s a little more glossy, look no further than rose gold. It’s a great choice when classic, subdued metals won’t do the trick. Rose gold creates a bright, glistening effect, strongly reminiscent of jewellery. It works well when paired with other luxurious materials such as granite and limestone.


Wood may not have been traditionally used in bathrooms, however, the development of splash-proof finishes has seen its expansion into the market. When used well, wooden bathroom fixture finishes can easily create a contemporary Scandinavian vibe.


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