Time to renovate the Laundry - Small changes can make a BIG difference

Improving your laundry doesn't have to be a full scale renovation. 

Revamping your laundry with new tapware, sink and extra storage can make a remarkable difference. A new lick of paint, regrout the tiles and making sure there is good ventilation in the laundry to prevent mildew and mould to build-up and your laundry will look and feel fresh, uncluttered and make all the difference in your space.

A laundry is usually a small room and the secret is to utilise all the space and not waste a centimeter. Storage cupboards and open shelving is vital to improving your laundry's overall functionality and appearance, keeping clutter hidden or neatly stored. 

Revamping your laundry room with modern stainless steel sinks from Abey Australia can enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of the space. Abey offers a range of stylish and practical sink options to choose from. From single bowl and double bowl sinks to skinny or deep sinks. 


Stainless Steel Sinks

The most popular laundry sink material is stainless steel. The significant benefit of stainless steel is its durability. It is stain-resistant, they do not crack, chip or peel. Cleaning is also a breeze with most stains coming off with warm soapy water. Being able to be moulded easy during production, Abey has stainless steel sinks available in modern square shape. 



Schock Granite Sinks

For a more design and modern look, the ability to bring colour into your laundry sink can be achieved using Abey’s Schock Virtus Granite Sink. Schock invented the granite sink in 1979 in Germany, where they are still manufactured. The Schock Virtus sink is made using Schock’s patented Cristalite sink material. Cristalite sinks have a more textured feel to the surface and the Virtus sink is available in many modern colours. The choice of colours including Onyx (Black), Alpina (White), Concrete and Croma. 


abey schock laundry sinks


Fireclay Sinks

Chambord French Provincial laundry sinks are the perfect laundry product as they are easy to clean, insensitive to temperature and perfectly hygienic. Manufactured in Europe, the range consists of a variety of sizes as well as designs to compliment the modern Hamptons inspired look. The Chambord Constance collection of laundry sinks is a soft modern design which is at a depth of 254mm. These sinks come in two sizes and a black or white finish. 


abey chambord laundry sink


 Turner Hastings Fireclay Sinks

The laundry is a place where a lot of time is spent, caring for the clothing items for the family. Often being adjacent to a bathroom, some products may need to merge them together, such as a beautiful white fireclay sink.

When you are ready to transform your favourite space with stunning European design elements, Turner Hastings’ collections offer a range of designs to suit your taste. Make your laundry a reflection of who you are, and what you value. A comfortable place that makes you comfortable in that space.

Natural fireclay has incredible strength. Crafted by master artisans using only all-natural, eco-friendly materials, our fireclay laundry basin sink line is a cut above the rest. The clay used to make each fireclay sink is fired at temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Celsius, transforming it into a highly robust substance that is incredibly resistant to impact.

Fireclay sinks have a homogeneous, nonporous surface that is resistant to corrosion, stains and scratches because of the particular glaze layer that is fused with the fireclay body during burning. Your Turner Hastings fireclay laundry basin sink will continue to look beautiful in your laundry room for decades.


Turner Hastings laundry-fine-fireclay

Turner Hastings Tribo laundry sink


 Laundry Tapware

As one of Sydney’s leading stockists of tapware, we have put together a collection of laundry and kitchen taps and mixers. From single-lever and double-lever options from Brodware to pull-out and swivelling designs from SHAWS by Perrin & Rowe.

Laundry mixer taps in various designs styles
Tapware is the all-important finishing touch that truly completes the room and functionality, whether your laundry is modern or classic in style, you are sure to find the perfect tap for your laundry at Just Bathroomware 


See our range of laundry taps

We supply some of the leading names in tapware, including Novas, Brodware, Faucet Strommen, Sussex Taps and for a more traditional or classic style tap you cant go past the quality and collections from SHAWS by Perrin & Rowe and many more. 

Taps to suit all budgets, we make it easy for you to find the perfect product for your laundry. And, of course, we can also help you to choose the ideal sink too.