Selecting the right basin for your bathroom



One of the simplest and quickest ways to update your bathroom so it is looking modern and fresh is by replacing the bathroom vanity.  A number of trends have appeared that are accessible and highly affordable which will brighten and enhance your bathroom.

Perhaps you are in the process of upgrading your vanity or renovating your bathroom with a focus on a more versatile washbasin. Taking the time and selecting a basin which will suit the style of your bathroom is important and having the correct advice and assistance will help make the decision a breeze.

Small Bathrooms

If your bathroom area is on the smaller side, we know the correct basin to suit your space you may like a 900mm single basin with marble benchtop. Or perhaps you have a larger area with a length of 1500mm, which could accommodate a twin basin.

There are different vanities some will have the additional choice of a trough or vessel sink or perhaps the modern under mount sink, all will look fabulous with a brand new gorgeous vanity.

Vanity length will depend on the bathroom space you have and where the vanity will be installed. Let’s look at the various basins and vanities:


Vessel Basin

Vessel Sinks are the most common sinks in today’s modern world. There is a range of different shapes and types you can decide from when upgrading your bathroom sink. You may wish to have a rectangle sink, a round sink, or an oval-shaped sink. This sink frees up space in and around your sink.

Wall Hung Vanity

Wall hung basins are attached to the wall and are perfect for smaller sized bathrooms and allow you to select the height of your sink. They are versatile and perfect for bathrooms where children will be utilizing the basin. Wall hung basins are ideal for people who are disabled or in wheelchairs, as they can access the lowered basin. Wall hung basins are simple to maintain and clean. They are essentially just a basin as there is no stand or vanity to clean.

Floor Mount Vanity

Simple to installing as this vanity is not attached to the wall and comes in various lengths to accommodate a large or small area. Similar to the wall hung vanity however much simpler to clean as no dirt or dust will accumulate under the vanity as it will for a wall-hung style.

Large bathrooms

If your bathroom area is on a larger scale, you can accommodate for a wider range of basin styles. These include twin basins and trough sinks. You will often have a larger space for a vanity, and although you have more space it can be more daunting knowing what to do with the space you have!
You may love the look of a vessel sink with a large vanity, however often those sharing a bathroom will like the idea of separate sinks. Let’s discuss the different basins:

Twin Basin

A twin basin is two separate bowls. Meaning you can use your basin how you like with space from your neighbour’s basin. These are great options for couples or those who share a bathroom but want an organized bathroom space. Rather than joining all your toiletries onto the same basin.

Trough Sink
Trough basins are similar to twin basins, however, this basin rather than being two separate sinks is now joined together to become one long basin. This offers a large amount of sink space utilizing your large vanity area. A trough sink is an ideal option if you are wanting to optimise the space you have. Trough sinks also tend to be deeper than your traditional basin, meaning you won’t have to worry about splashes or spills making a mess on your vanity.
Just Bathroomware offers a range of unique and versatile basins and vanities whether you may be after a wall-hung and floor mount. From traditional basins to modern vessel sinks, Just Bathroomware know which basin will best suit your space! Contact us today and we will assist you with your basin selection!