Ritual Basins – NEW Atelier Collection

The Atelier Collection of basins are were the most creative and artisanal ideas and creations by the companies artists come into play, with the manual application of decals, the brushstrokes of the artists, the inlays of other elements such as crystals or sandstones.

Incredible finishes emerge that make their porcelain bathroom basins new models that mimic materials of a totally industrial nature such as corten steel, marble in different shades, wood and even earth. Decorated by hand by the artists of  Atelier


RITUAL BASIN in Rustic Green Finish

Pyrite is a mineral that for centuries has baffled and attracted the ancient world, its appearance was always confused with gold. The Black Gold washbasin made from high-temperature enamels recreates the brown and golden tones of the mineral.

This is a piece of difficult execution where the artist must precisely control the proportions of enamels and oils. Its creation is a risky and uncertain exercise where fire leaves its hesitant and inevitable mark.


The surface of the Black Gold washbasin acquires an aged and aged character that nevertheless looks majestic in modern and delicate environments.



RITUAL BASIN in Black Gold Finish

Ritual Basins – NEW Atelier Collection