Renova Coloured Toilet Paper – white is so yesterday

RENOVA coloured toilet paper available in a vibrant range of bright colours –  It’s unique, chic and extra-ordinary NOW AVAILABLE at Just Bathroomware

A dynamic bathroom design accessory, colour coordinate your toilet paper to your bathroom decor. Renova toilet paper comes in red, black, orange, yellow, purple, fuchsia, green and blue!

Add a special colour to celebrate a private or corporate event – such as fuchsia or blue toilet paper in the bathroom for your baby shower luncheon or black toilet paper for your Black Friday, Black tie or Halloween party, orange to  match your wedding flowers or simply purple because it’s your favourite colour!

Entirely recyclable, 100% biodegradable colourfast paper with a scent added to the core of the roll and not directly on the paper itself.

RENOVA toilet paper has been tested under dermatological control. RENOVA took a voluntary commitment to restrict the use of raw materials in order to preserve the environment and to safeguard the health and safety of its consumers.