Organic Bathroom Design

Organic style is a more grounded approach to design, characterised by soft smooth lines and gentle curves with an earthy soothing luxury natural look and feel.


ORGANIC DESIGN balanced and natural forms with nature inspired textures, neutral pastel colours and elements such as wood, stone, water and natural light. Raw relaxed minimalist bathroom design, pure and serene.

Your bathroom ambiance takes you away from the stresses and demands of your fast paced day. As you enter your bathroom you are surrounded by a combination of materials such as reclaimed wood, stone, marble and light.

One of the most beautiful natural elements is natural sunlight which is welcoming and heart-filling during the day, but at night you can create a tranquil mood with dimmable lighting or LED strips under joinery or by a beautiful feature light.

Adding large windows, sky lights or solar tubes is a great way to capture natural light and is important in your design for both light and ventilation, and if possible a view of a private garden oasis.

An organic bathroom design has a colour palette that resembles the natural, deep greens, stone, sand, shades of brown, ochre. Subtle muted colour schemes are warming and calming.

There are a variety of personal spin offs you can tweak to fit with your personal style or that of your home:

Organic Minimalist Style

– smooth timber, simple shapes, smart shelving and storage to tuck away mess, soft minimal colour pallet, minimise the number of different elements, wire light pendant.



Organic Industrial Style

– warehouse and industrial elements such as recycled timber, exposed pipes, steel beams, exposed brick wall, concrete large multi pane windows, concrete vanity top and industrial style tapware.



Organic Modernism Style

– Scandinavian and Nordic design style, timber vibe, fur, leather, textured rug, modern soft furnishing, sling leather chair, modern light pendant.