Modernisation of your bathroom – By Hansgrohe

Whether showering, bathing or washing your hands, you will immediately notice the excellent quality of their tapware products. Since 1901, ideas from Hansgrohe have been shaping the bathroom landscape all around the globe. For example, the first wall bar came from the Black Forest.
How to transforming old into new.
The Bathroom renovation using structure and fresh design
Step 1: Set goals
Think about what you like in your current bathroom and what you can possibly do without in the new bathroom. Note down your ideas, wants and needs and create a list with all the important details. This is what we recommend taking into consideration as a basis:

  • Which components need to be modernised and what functions should these possess?
  • How can new products be integrated into the existing design?
  • How many people and what categories of people use the bathroom?
  • Do I want a space-saving variant or am I looking to extend the bathroom by combining several areas?
  • Is there any option of maybe relocating the bathroom or, for example, moving the toilet elsewhere?
  • What are my individual needs? – child-friendly, energy-saving, low-maintenance, barrier-free
Step 2: Decide on a style
Whether it’s a pleasant atmosphere, an attractive design or increased wellness that you are after – trends influence us in all areas of life. You will also find helpful suggestions and sources of inspiration for your bathroom design under the Trends topic on our website.
  • Captivating tiles
  • Floor-level shower
  • Customisation
  • Transparency
  • Accessories
  • Cross-generation bathroom
Step 3: Define your budget:
Establish a financial framework for the modernisation, but remain open to alternatives. Keep in mind: Bathroom modernisation is a long-term investment.
Step 4: Gather technical information
Hansgrohe offers a selection of bathroom products which are ideal for bathroom modernisation. Get in touch with us at Just Bathroomware to find out about the wide range of options available.
Step 5: Modernise with peace of mind:
Long-term spare parts availability, water saving technology, energy efficiency and sustainability are key issues which you should take into consideration. You can use Hansgrohe’s water and energy savings calculator to calculate your savings potential. Preparation and considerations: Think about what you want and how this can be implemented realistically and, if necessary, get help from your trusted sanitation professional. Enjoy on-site service and consultancy, as well as the following benefits:
  • Trained personnel
  • Years of experience and expertise
  • Tailored solutions
  • Installation on schedule
  • Professional installation
  • Quick service
Check our range of Hansgrohe products here.