Kaldewei Built-In Baths - Can be minimal, functional or a showstopper!

Kaldewei built-in or inset baths - you can dress them down or you can dress them up to get a big impact show piece to your bathroom.

Kaldewei built in bath


Built in baths are not initially as striking or as dramatic as a freestanding model, but add in some great design ideas, carpentry, surrounds or side panels, built-in baths can be just stunning.

Better Homes and Gardens bath tub with panels


The benifits of a built-in bath is that they weigh a lot less which can be an issue in apartment blocks or multi story homes. They can be more space saving in a small bathroom and easier to clean around the exterior and usually less expensive to purchase.

Kaldewei built in bath with surround

Kaldewei bathtubs are made from superior KALDEWEI steel enamel – thanks to the glass-hard surface they remain ultra hygienic and easy to clean.  The exceptionally long warranty period of 30 years clearly demonstrates the robustness and longevity of KALDEWEI baths and underlines their special quality. 

Kaldewei manufactures many shapes of built-in bathtubs – oval, rectangle and corner baths in many sizes and colours.

Kaldewei centro duo built in bath with surround


The bathroom is increasingly becoming a space where many people seek regeneration and relaxation. Warm and natural shades such as the KALDEWEI Coordinated Colours play a crucial role in creating a harmonious atmosphere in the bathroom, selected built-in baths are now available in tranquil matt shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection, as well as in the standard bathroom colours. 

Kaldewei bath colours


Be it models for small or large bathrooms, for one or two people, for corner installation or freestanding bath. An impressive selection of shapes, colours and sizes with many optional extras let you create the bathtub of your dreams

But whatever your preference, you’ll be sure to get a bath of timeless elegance and superior material.

Kaldewei colours


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