Heated Towel Rails in Summer – An Underrated Investment

As the steamy, warm and humid weather approaches us in Australia, we are turning off our heaters and instead, turning on our air conditioners. But what about our heated towel racks? Do we turn those off as well? Read the rest of this blog to see why heated towel racks can be more beneficial in the summer than winter.

Are Heated Towel Racks Popular?

The general person renovating their bathroom may think that a heated towel rack is a luxury and is only good for providing toasty warm towels for when you step out of the shower. In fact, a majority of Just Bathroomware’s clients (almost 80%!) purchase heated towel racks. This popularity is not a coincidence and is a true testament to how invaluable heated towel racks can be in your bathroom.

Why Use Heated Towel Racks in Summer?

The warm weather brings humid conditions. When coupled with steamy showers in a small, enclosed room and poor ventilation, humidity can be a nuisance. Towels do not dry in humid conditions, so you are left with a wet towel from morning till night. That is where heated towel racks come in handy. They aid in helping dry your towel when the conditions do not allow for it. If you are also concerned about electricity usage, heated towel rails are generally set on a timer, so they are not running 24 hours a day. For example, people will turn them on in the afternoon for a shower in the evening, then schedule to turn off at midnight to let the towels dry. Then, schedule to turn back on at 5 am so they can have a warm towel to use before they go about their day.

By allowing the towels to dry properly on the heated towel rack, you may find you will be doing fewer loads of washing and consequently, saving time, water and money.

Additionally, humidity and condensation create the perfect environment for mould and mould spores to grow. Ideally, you want to avoid mould in your home as it can lead to serious health concerns such as respiratory problems or rashes.

What Types of Heated Towel Rails Are There?

The most popular style of heated towel rail is called a ladder heated towel rail by a company called Hydrotherm, varying in different heights and length. As the name suggests, this style looks like a ladder and can fit four towels comfortably. A common size is approximately 1m x 700cm and can range around $1200.

Another style that may be popular with families is a vertical cylinder tube heated towel rail. This is a single, vertically mounted rail. This can only carry/dry a single towel. However, this is great for young children or those who find it difficult/annoying to feed the towel through the ladder. They can simply throw it over the rail and the towel can dry within an hour or so. This style is more costly, coming in at around $700 depending on the brand.

Just Bathroomware – Your Heated Towel Rail Experts

Just Bathroomware can guide and advise you on the best heated towel rails for your home when you visit our showroom or contact us. Additionally, colours may vary between particular brands so if you are looking to fit out an entire bathroom suite with a matching towel rail, Just Bathroomware can do just that.