Hansgrohe PVD tapware finish is the new Black

Hansgrohe PVD colour products are coloured in Germany in Hansgrohe’s own factories PVD machines, ensuring colour consistency, quality control and only Hansgrohe experienced craftsman handle Hansgrohe colour production.

An exclusive surface finish really adds another dimension to a bathroom design. The Hansgrohe PVD Brushed Black Chrome can make a product look completely different. A brushed finish can also help refine an exclusive ambience or add a modern touch to the mixer.

Hansgrohe PVD Special Tapware Finish – Robust and brilliant

The special finishes are applied to the products using the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) method and are significantly more robust and brilliant than electroplated chrome. This makes them particularly suitable for use in the project business.

Key features for Hansgrohe PVD Tapware special finishes

Exclusivity: The special finishes give the bathroom a look of extravagance.

The ultimate personal touch: Your customers have another option when it comes to designing their own personal bathroom. In your capacity as a bathroom planner, set yourself apart from the competition by offering this additional service to a discerning target group.

Robustness and lasting brilliance: PVD special finishes are highly resistant to cleaning agents and corrosion, and are therefore durable; this results in lower reinvestment costs, e.g. in the project business.

Assurance: Since the finishes are manufactured at Axor’s own plant, the products can be reproduced in the same surface finish up to 15 years after purchase.