Geberit Flush Button Plates - Sigma or Kappa for your bathroom?

Choice is important, with Geberit flush buttons you have plenty of beautifully designed styles to pick from. Sigma 20, 21, 30 and 60 flush plates and Kappa 21, 20 and 50 flush plate models have a range of finishes to choose from.

At the end of the day, it’s your bathroom. This is why you shouldn’t make any compromises when it comes to choosing the right flush button for your bathroom design. The same goes for your tiles, taps and ceramics. Selecting the right design options means ensuring that individual nuances are perfectly coordinated. The flush button not only adds the finishing touch to your bathroom, it also offers comfort functions that can really enhance your lifestyle.


Geberit provides reliable, discreet, behind-the-wall solutions that ensure perfect function, outstanding convenience, and maximum durability. The flush plate is the only part of the system the user can see. A variety of flushing systems are available, making it possible to find the right product for a particular application or special structural conditions. To make it easier for you to match the Geberit flush plates and in-wall systems, each one is given a “family name”: Sigma or Omega.


PRECISION SWISS ENGINEERING Outstanding product quality is only achieved with a team of Geberit engineers and designers who have a passion for innovative function and design. EUROPEAN STYLE IN AUSTRALIA Geberit’s innovative button designs and concealed cistern technology has allowed users throughout the world to experience the luxury of well-designed modern bathrooms. With experience spanning more than 50 years, Geberit has developed an eye for premium button designs and precision Swiss manufacturing. This has led to the installation of more than 70 million concealed cisterns worldwide. Geberit offers an impressive 15-year warranty on cistern tanks and frames as well as 25-year spare parts availability for ultimate peace of mind and long term security. Precision Swiss engineering and outstanding manufacturing combine to deliver peace of mind behind the wall and design freedom at the front of the wall. To ensure its carbon footprint is responsible, Geberit puts the environment at the heart of its business by focusing on sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and product design that delivers a harmonious synergy with nature.

Geberit toilet flush button plates



Harmonious proportions, high-quality materials, and first-class workmanship make the Geberit Sigma50 flush plate the standard bearer of our entire line. In 2014, world-renowned industrial designer Christoph Behling updated the Sigma50. Without altering the dimensions of the plate, Behling made the sleek glass surface the focus of attention. Eliminating the metal border gives the new-look Sigma50 a lighter aspect that seems to float in front of the wall. And in 2019, Geberit and Behling collaborated again to make the Sigma50 sleeker and more touchable than ever!

Quality materials and workmanship are evident in every detail. The sharp edges of the high-quality safety glass are now carefully chamfered. Both flush buttons, made from highly polished die-cast zinc, have a slightly curved contour.

  • Water-saving dual-flush
  • Surfaces of glass, plastic, or metal
  • Made of die-cast zinc
  • “Frameless“ design
  • Includes mounting frame and hardware

Geberit Sigma50 flush plates


Geberit flush buttons combine intelligent functions with convenience, ensuring a heightened sense of freshness and cleanliness in the bathroom. Choose from a range of options to suit all tastes and requirements, including:

DuoFresh Odour extraction unit: eliminate unpleasant bathroom odours with ease.
Orientation light: guide you through the night with a soft, gentle glow.
Insert for Geberit DuoFresh sticks: keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.
Touchless toilet flush: enjoy a more hygienic bathroom experience with touch-free flushing. Surface-even installable flush buttons: create a sleek, modern look with a flush-mounted installation.

Geberit flush plates look great, sure, but they also function smoothly and quietly. Geberit dual-flush plates feature a visual cue so that everyone approaching the system knows instantly how to use it: press the small button to flush liquids and the large button to flush solids. It's intuitive, but it also happens to save thousands of gallons of water every year.

Every Geberit flush plate serves another important function. Lift the flush plate to reveal the working parts of the Geberit in-wall system. Without using tools, you can easily reach the fill and flush valves to perform simple maintenance. (But don't expect to spend much time in there: Geberit valves are designed to be practically maintenance-free.)

Geberit Sigma50 flush plates FINISHES


Choice is important
Unobtrusive, but reliable. This is how Geberit ensures perfect function, maximum convenience and durability behind the wall. The only thing that remains visible is the interface to the technology: the flush button. Choosing the flush button is important because your choice will accompany you for many years. Choose the flush button that suits you and your bathroom from a wide range of options.

Geberit flush buttons are perfectly matched with a range of dependable concealed cisterns that are leakproof and designed for behind-the-wall installation. Whether you require different installation heights or prefer front or top flush actuation, Geberit has you covered. Our flush buttons are named with their compatible concealed cisterns such as Sigma, Omega, and Kappa, ensuring a perfect match. Enjoy the convenience of tool-free final installation and the peace of mind that comes with 50 years of spare parts availability for replaceable mechanical components. Geberit concealed cisterns have stood the test of time, having been installed millions of times worldwide for over 50 years. Renowned for their reliability, each cistern undergoes rigorous leak-testing before delivery.

Geberit KAPPA21 flush plates FINISHES

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