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Flaminia APP GoClean is a versatile rimless wall hung toilet pan, designed to meet a variety of needs, without foregoing the elegant design and quality manufacturing typical of Flaminia products. The APP wall hung rimless toilet is available in seven finishes, it's rounded shape and carefully designed dimensions provide a new twist on the classics of bathroom furnishings. 

Flaminia APP wall hung pan matte black


Parisi Flaminia APP GoClean colours

What is a rimless toilet?

Until the late 1990's  toilet bowls were designed with a rim to help water flush around the toilet bowl to remove debris, which consumed a lot of water to be effective but also required lots of regular cleaning to remove build-up in under the rim.

Since then all latest generation of toilet design is doing away with the rim. A Rimless toilet is the latest design innovation in toilets, the new rimless toilet designs enables the water to clean the inner surface of the toilet much more effectively which requires less cleaning and uses less water.

Flaminia APP GoClean wall hung pan gloss white


The open design of the Flaminia APP GoClean toilet rim enables water to flow in two directions to create a powerful flush that flushes the entire bowl clean to ensure hygienic flush results with less water consumption.


  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful flush
  • More hygenic
  • Water Saving

The elimination of the rim and a controlled amount of water discharged with each flush (of between 4.5 and 6 litres as required by the applicable regulations) ensure greater hygiene and much greater ease of use than traditional systems – two features of vital importance to any domestic or public bathroom.

goclean™ is different from any other WC, in that it has no added elements and the inside of the bowl is perfectly smooth, thereby enhancing the practical and aesthetic value of the toilet. Controlled flushing also meets water saving needs.



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