FIMA Tapware Sale Promotion – 20% Off Selected Ranges Only

Fima tapware sale promotion on now – ends 30th November 2019 – 20% Off selected ranges only.


Fima Carlo Frattini a family run Italian tapware manufacturing business. The tap comes at the end of this long journey and has been vital in conveying our image, brand and style. Even though among the last manufacturers to enter this sector, in the space of fifteen years they have grown and specialised to such an extent that now rank among the leading tap manufacturers in Italy.


Fima Carlo Frattini has been collaborating with external designers for several years, in order expand its horizons on products. In this way, rather than developing out of a single viewpoint, the project is enriched by different cultures and a multi-channel approach. Fima is always willing to support the ideas of renowned professionals or emerging designers operating throughout the world, often in radically different contexts. Once this cycle is completed and each person has offered his/her contribution, the new product is launched and the market decides how successful it will be.


FIMA CARLO FRATTINI A vast selection of taps and fittings for the bathroom, kitchen and contract sector, such as Spillo Up, Spillo Tech and Spillo Steel with an important feature common to all: a reasonable quality-price ratio.


* Terms & Conditions

  • 20% OFF Selected FIMA ranges

*Ranges include: Zeta, Quad, Next, SpilloUp, Mast, Series 22 and Kitchen mixers.

  • Only available for stocked items.

Important Note: Spillo Tech and Classic tapware/accessories (Herend/Elizabeth/Victory) are excluded from this offer.

  • Only available until 30th November 2019



FIMA Tapware Sale Promotion – 20% Off Selected Ranges Only