Farmhouse Sinks – Will it suit my kitchen?

Thinking about buying a farmhouse sink but unsure if it will suit your kitchen? Here are some helpful points to guide you in the buying process.

Farmhouse sinks are also known as butler sinks and apron front sinks. Dating back to the 17-19th century, these sinks have stood the test of time and are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary kitchens today. With the deep design and sturdiness, it’s understandable why people are purchasing these classic sinks.

Farmhouse Sink VS Traditional

A traditional sink is installed by placing it into a cut out made in the kitchen benchtop. The only exposed area will be the inside of the sink and it becomes a uniform piece with the rest of the counter. A farmhouse sink however, is installed over the kitchen top and features an apron, leaving the front part of the sink exposed. These sinks are usually much deeper than their traditional counterparts, giving you plenty of room to wash large pots and pans.

They also do not feature a draining area like traditional sinks do. This is important to note if you prefer the dedicated drying space for your freshly washed dishes. However, most modern kitchens feature a dishwasher and drying space is not necessarily needed when dishes are fully dry after a cycle.

Too Dated?

Though the name sounds dated, farmhouse sinks are far from it. They add character and flair to a standard kitchen. The exposed apron front breaks up excessive bench and counter space, creating a focal point in the kitchen. On first impressions, farmhouse sinks are sure to stand out.

Also, it is important to note that farmhouse sinks come in array of materials. You will be sure to find one that suits your kitchen and aesthetic. Some of these materials include:

– Stainless Steel: If you want that impactful industrial look.

– Marble: Looking for luxury? This is your best option. Another perk of having an exposed apron is that you will be able to see the beautiful detail in a marbled sink.

– Fireclay: Low maintenance. It is heat and stain resistant. The perfect option for someone who is looking for that crisp white sink.

Two Bowls Or One?

The most common farmhouse sink design features a single bowl. However, did you know that you could have a double bowl? Not only do you get the benefit of the depth, but also you have the option of breaking up this space with a divider. Consider if the extra length of a dual farmhouse sink will be appropriate for the length of your kitchen counter. If you have little space, it is probably best to stick to the one bowl.

The double space allows you to food prep on one side and leave dirty dishes in the other. Though if you prefer using your sink for washing bulky pots, then the double sink may not have sufficient room, defeating the great benefit of farmhouse sinks.

Just Bathroomware supplies 25 different farmhouse sinks, so you will be spoilt for choice. They have different price points to suit your budget. If you need further information on farmhouse sinks or getting professional’s advice on whether it will suit your kitchen, contact us today or give us a call.