Elevate your bathroom with the latest bath releases from Studio Bagno

Nur, Impero, Decus and the Colonnade Baths ...

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary with our new range of Freestanding Baths from Studio Bagno.

Presenting four signature bath collections, embodying timeless design across a spectrum of contemporary and traditional styles.


Introducing the Nur Freestanding Bath

With an organic design, this sophisticated addition complements the modern bathroom, mirroring the iconic curve of the Nur collection and offered in glossy or semi-glossy white.

Experience the subtle elegance of the Nur Bath with its captivating floating appearance. It quickly warms to the touch and efficiently retains heat, ensuring a luxurious bathing experience every time. 

  • Overflow & waste included
  • 1600 x 800 x 550 mm
Studio Bagno Nur Freestanding Bath - Just Bathroomware


Introducing the Colonnade Freestanding Bath

Classical architectural inspiration meets a contemporary. The Colonnade Bath draws from enduring classical design, reimagined for a timeless, modern aesthetic, and available in a luxurious matte white finish.

Discover the unmatched luxury of this beautifully textured stone composite solid surface Colonnade Bath, quickly warming to the senses while efficiently retaining heat. Elevate your bathing experience with this modern piece that beautifully bridges the worlds of tradition and innovation.

Overflow & waste included
1700 x 780 x 550 mm

    Colonnade Freestanding Bath


    Introducing the Decus Freestanding Bath

    The Decus Bath, with its graceful soft chamfer base that meets the floor, is a masterpiece of refined architectural lines and inspired simplicity. 

    Decus is meticulously made from stone composite solid surface in both matte white and semi-gloss white. It offers a lavish tactile feel while also retaining heat and quickly warming to the touch.

    • Overflow & waste included
    • 1700 x 800 x 550 mm

    Studio Bagno Decus Freestanding Bath


    Introducing Impero Freestanding Bath

    Experience timeless elegance with the Impero bath.  The Studio Bagno Impero bath is ideal for any federation or vintage bathroom, where classic design seamlessly combines with contemporary luxury and innovation. 

    Crafted from stone composite solid surface, Its tactile matte white finish exudes elegance, and it quickly warms to the touch while efficiently retaining heat. Complete the federation style experience with the Impero Collection, a complete range of traditional bathware from Studio Bagno, where the grace of tradition meets the convenience of the contemporary.

    • Overflow & waste included
    • 1750 x 750 x 550 mm

    Studio Bagno Impero freestanding Bath



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