ECO Friendly Bathroom

When it comes to being environmentally friendly the bathroom is often the most overlooked room in the home. There are few discussions about what can be added or changed to your bathroom to improve the area to be more eco friendly. There is a range of products and techniques including bamboo toothbrushes (don’t forget to turn the tap off while brushing!) to eco-friendly waterless toilets.  These products and more can be included in your bathroom to make the area more environmentally friendly and welcoming for you and your family. Let’s discuss the biggest changes you can make to your bathroom:

Eco-friendly materials

One of the best ways to become eco-friendly is by using eco-friendly materials. If you are renovating your bathroom or simply replacing an outdated vanity/basin, then this is the time to take into consideration eco-friendly and natural materials. A selection of natural materials for your bathroom may include recycled glass, cork, concrete and reclaimed hardwood or natural stone and using water-based instead of oiled based paints when choosing to paint walls or ceilings.  There are good options instead of selecting shower curtains, which contain phthalate chemicals or using building materials containing formaldehyde, which is a heavy adhesive these products contain toxic chemicals that are unhealthy for you and the environment.

Heat and insulate

Heating your bathroom can make showering and bathing very relaxing and comfortable however it comes with the additional cost to your electricity bill. We recommend opting for an electric floor heating system rather than an electrical heat light. Double glazed windows are also the perfect option for keeping your bathroom well insulated and keeping the heat from escaping. These double windows will also keep the heat out during the summer months on those humid hot days. So keeping the heat in during winter and out during summer by eco-friendly double glazed windows is both cost-effective and safe for the environment. This also means no window blinds, let the natural light into your bathroom this will also cut down on your lighting use.

Bathroom fixtures

A very simple way to improve your bathroom design and make it more environmentally friendly and healthier is replacing bathroom fixtures with water-efficient fittings. Look for Water Efficiency labelling when purchasing tapware and showerheads, and also be mindful of any leaking taps or toilets and invest in a dual flush toilet system as this is more water-efficient than the old single flush.  Bamboo is a great eco friendly product, its renewable and hard-wearing so look for products including towels, tissues and toilet paper which are made from bamboo material. Add a touch of greenery plants in bamboo containers or pots instead of plastic.

Cleaning Products

Finding healthy and non-chemical cleaning products for the bathroom can be challenging. Strong chemicals are in most of our every day cleaning products. The ingredients in these items are both harmful to you and your family but also to the environment especially as it is washed down our drains into our waterways.  You may decide to go totally chemical-free by using white vinegar and baking soda, which is inexpensive, and natural cleaning aid.

Just bathroomware are here to help you when it comes to redesigning, renovating or even just upgrading your bathroom. Contact Just Bathroomware today and we can assist you from LED mirrors to luxurious bathtubs. Enhance your bathroom today while staying eco friendly.