Duravit SensoWASH Shower Toilet Sale Promotion

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Nothing is as thorough, as hygienic, as natural and as refreshing as cleaning with water. Also after using the toilet: so it’s not surprising that the shower-toilet – a symbiosis of toilet and bidet – is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Duravit has now applied its design and wellness expertise to this area. The result is as functionally impressive as it is visually exciting: SensoWash®.


SensoWash® stands for a new range of shower-toilet seats that was designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s users. The need for hygienic personal care. For good, sustainable design. And for personalization: Duravit offers SensoWash® in two different comfort segments – SensoWash® D-Code and SensoWash® Starck – with designs that are carefully tuned to the relevant Duravit ranges. SensoWash® offers more than just toilet hygiene. SensoWash® offers greater quality of life and defines a contemporary, uncomplicated and sustainable lifestyle – a new sense for design, comfort and purity.


Nothing is as thorough, as hygienic, as natural and as refreshing as cleansing with water. This is why the shower-toilet – a toilet-bidet combination – is becoming increasingly popular. Considerably softer and gentler than toilet paper, water also provides freshness. The shower- toilet leaves users feeling clean and refreshed. Duravit’s latest contribution to the topic is SensoWash®: an innovative range of high-quality shower-toilets that meets every requirement for the contemporary bathroom – hygienic cleanliness, high operating comfort and sustainable design.




Water temperature, spray intensity and spray wand position can be individually adjusted and saved. The Comfortwash, which engages the spray wand in a forward/backward motion can be used for an added layer of thorough washing. The spray wand and nozzle are cleaned automatically before and after each use.


Specially developed for female users, the Ladywash uses a delicate water spray for gentle cleansing. Water temperature, water spray intensity and the spray wand position can be individually adjusted and saved. Comfortwash offers gentle, thorough cleansing. The spray wand and nozzle are cleaned automatically before and after each use.

Duravit Rimless®

Improved rimless technology with rotating flushing stream in the inner bowl. By using an electronically controlled pump, the highly efficient flushing of the inner bowl occurs thanks to a lateral water outlet on the upper bowl rim.

Warm air dryer

The use of the various shower functions is followed by a gentle flow of warm, drying air. The temperature of the warm air dryer can be adjusted using the app. With this function, too, it is possible to save personal preferences.

Seat heating and energy-saving mode

The ergonomic, heated toilet seat can be individually controlled and adds a pleasant layer of comfort to the SensoWash® experience. In energy-saving mode, the heated seat will only be activated at user-specified times and will be turned off immediately afterwards (i.e. means it can be switched off for the duration of the evening).

Odour extraction

The convenient odour extraction function can be activated via the remote control or app.

Night light

Illuminated inner bowl. When it’s dark, a night light function provides orientation and safety, without interrupting the body’s repose.

Lid opening/closing

The lid can be configured to open as the user approaches and close as the user walks away. Flat, elegant and pleasant to hold, the SensoWash® i Plus remote control fuses tactile, functional comfort with unmatched design. More compact and focused in its functional scope, but similarly convenient is the SensoWash® i Lite remote control. Both versions can also be individually configured and controlled using the SensoWash® app.


Duravit SensoWASH Shower Toilet Sale Promotion