Duravit ME By Starck

Me by Starck is a  bathroom series by Duravit and Philippe Starck that appeals to every style – pure, elegant, natural or raw.

 Known for its streamlined aesthetic and countless design combinations.


Modern design avoids design

How can you create a modern but yet timeless bathroom series, that adapts to the upmost differential styles? By reducing its design entirely and focusing on the users personality and individuality instead.

“Everything we don’t really need is useless, and every useless thing is mostly dangerous in our society, and will become obsolete one way or the other. So this collection ME is mainly and simply about us, about me, about you, without any design gesture, without any trendiness, without any advertising effect, it is all about what we really need. With the Duravit engineers, we looked into true ergonomics, true body movements, how the water flows, how to have less dirt and how to clean up more easily. These seem very humble but, done with fundamental and structural honesty, there are the most incredible things. ” Ph.S



With ME by Starck,  you are your own designer.

Various sizes of bathtubs, shower trays, toilets, bidets, washbasins, furniture basins, washbowls and vanity basins, with optionally matching siphon cover, pedestal or vanity unit, as wall-mounted or floor standing version with chrome feet – all products are perfectly tuned with one another. And underline every character. Especially yours.


Reduction, functionality and clarity

A timeless design concept responds to an overcrowded world. The desire of neatness reflects a puristic lifestyle, which is perfectly interpreted with ME by Starck.



Genuine elegance is timeless and arises from high demands.

A combination of selected materials and subtle luxury. Extravagant – but not extroverted. Just like ME by Starck that also blends perfectly into opulent ambiences.




The desire to live in tune with our natural resources has never been stronger.

And has never looked as modern:
Organic materials harmoniously blend with sustainable design and the efficient ME by Starck technology. Shown here in combination with various series.

Duravit ME By StarckDuravit ME By StarckDuravit ME By Starck