Clearwater Stone Baths – Classic to Contemporary Design

Clearwater stone composite baths are individually hand finished to a luxurious each bath an expression of luxury, elegance and sophistication.

Clearwater Baths are a UK based manufacturer, that supply their simply exclusive luxurious free-standing baths through select distributors world-wide. Using international designers to bring together an elegant collection of free standing baths, from modern contemporary styles such as the Byron bath to more classic traditional designs such as the Balthazar freestanding bath.


Modern Baths

An extensive range of freestanding modern baths ClearStone, in Grande and Petite sizes, a solution suitable for smaller bathrooms. Alternatively, choose from beautiful, ergonomic baths, shaped to provide the ultimate relaxing bathe. All are exquisitely crafted to provide a gorgeous centrepiece in contemporary bathroom settings.




Clearwater beautifully craft their baths using a stone composite material – Clearstone, this advanced material is a fusion of milled sedimentary stone bonded by a high performance aluminium and titanium filler base. This composite material is high gloss, brilliant white in colour and most importantly hard wearing. This material is high strength and low weight, delicate thin edges and one piece solid surface baths are made possible because of the Clearstone material, which are shaped into beautifully inspired organic style shapes with smooth lines and curves to highly sculpted forms.




The hand polished solid surface material comes with a 10 year guaranty these baths offer, no unsightly joins, clean lines. The natural stone material is suited to more complex bath shapes. Small scratches and blemishes can be polished out.


Classic Baths

Clearwater’s  or choose the classic luxurious freestanding classic Balthazar Stone bath is a traditional beautiful freestanding design with its elegant classic design. Manufactured using a Resin Mix including a majority Clay Mineral of sedimentary origin and a minority of Gibbsite Mineral as a filler on the inner surface and a stunning polished stainless steel surround.