Ceramica GLOBO bathroom products - Distinctive, Colourful, Contemporary - NEW

Ceramica Globo looks to the future with constant process and product innovations that require the integration of many different competences, from design to engineering, from the chemistry of materials to logistics, from marketing to sociology. Since 1980 Ceramica Globo a family owed company based in Italy has grown to become a leader in the health-hygiene and bathroom furniture industry.

The input of ideas, creativity and professional capacity of the team involved in these processes allow creating products of undisputed quality, which are reliable, technologically advanced and very stylish.

Some of the designers that they collaborate with are;







Ceramica Globo basin colours

The outcome is endless configurations for a variety of forms, dimensions, colours and materials. Thanks to colour and material essentiality it furnishes, in a distinctive way, every bathroom, from small to large.


About their manufacturing;


After years of continuous and arduous research, the laboratory of Ceramica Globo has invented a new patented mixture named GLOBOTHIN® which enables to reduce the edge thickness, on the one hand, while providing brighter gloss and greater resistance, on the other hand. There are several and remarkable advantages: less raw materials employed and therefore lighter products, less energy required, and greater ductility which makes creating new shapes possible. 

This new technology had a dramatic impact on the design of new shapes: new horizons open up and Ceramica Globo is willing and ready to explore them by creating increasingly cutting-edge and performing products.


Years of research, on the glazes and the ceramic application, that ensures more protection, more resistance and ease of cleaning.

The careful control of the various cooking stages, in a cycle ensures perfect homogeneity of the product during the sintering process, reducing porosity and guaranteeing greater resistance against stains, dirt and abrasion.


The antibacterial BATAFORM treatment was developed to ensure deeper hygiene, basing its effectiveness on the reaction of silver ions, which inhibit the proliferation of bacteria.


OPI is a modern multiform furnishing system. It offers endless configurations for a variety of forms, dimensions, colours and materials. Thanks to his colour and material essentiality it furnishes, in an incisively and distinctive way, every bathroom, from a small one to the biggest one, and it becomes an indispensable medium in architects’ hands who can create new situations giving rise to their creativity.

globo opi ring console basin

MODE is contemporary and versatile, MODE furnishes the most intimate room in the home with style and discretion. Manufactured in Italy by Ceramica Globo, the MODE furniture collection is available in matt black steel and accommodates the Mode basin range, which is available in white and 14 matt colours.

Globo mode console basins


With more combinations and models to its T-Edge Collection, designed by CreativeLab+ for Globo.

The real highlight of the T-Edge collection, available in the 14 Bagno di Colore ceramic shades, are the super slim edges – 6 mm thick – made possible by the patented GLOBOTHIN® ceramic mixture, which guarantees reduced thickness along with greater strength and shine.


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