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Engineered and manufactured in Australia since 1964, Brodware products are meticulously designed to be concise, engineered to be perfect, and delivered at the highest standard. Brodware are very proud of their Australian-based operations, standing by their quality products with a 20-year warranty (T&Cs apply).

Saving Water with Brodware

Brodware offer fittings that feature their original Broclean® water management technology that helps you save countless litres of water every year. The high efficiency of their products guarantees performance that surpasses industry standards. With over five decades of specialised experience in fixtures, Brodware acknowledges the unique requirements of Australian consumers and can provide bespoke, beautiful finishes.

Brodware Finishes

Founded in Sydney, Brodware offer a variety of custom finishes that can be applied throughout their range. Tapware is becoming more bespoke in a sense that it is all custom-made; Brodware offer up to 40 different colour choices including brushed, polished, and powder-coated textures. With the added ability to customise the colour by using a variety of shades in one product, you can truly end up with a one-of-a-kind fitting/fixture.

InFinium PVD Finish

PVD is a hard coating procedure that “transfers metallic material at an atomic level” and becomes fully resistant to scratching, tarnishing, corrosion, and discolouration. The difference between InFinium PVD finish and painted or powder-coated finishes is that the colour is “molecularly bonded to the tap, becoming one with the metal itself” (Brodware, 2021).

PVD is a vastly superior finish to all the current market offerings. With this unique finish, it is as good as chrome plating, lasting anywhere between 15 to 30 years. Moreover, customisation is now highly sought-after, and consumers want to complement the whole range with matching accessories. Brodware offer customised accessories to help your bathroom design flow and fit together as a whole, which can include:

Key Features of Brodware Infinium PVD Finish

  • Finish Fuses to Material
  • Scratch and Tarnish Resistant
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Withstands Abrasion and Corrosion



Organic Finish

Contemporary bathrooms often feature weathered brass, which is a popular style of Organic Finish by Brodware. An organic finish is made by “polishing, brushing, rumbling or weathering” the natural brass material. Over time, this finish will develop and evolve, with many renovators chasing that look, seeking tapware that will visibly age and appear ‘vintage’ in the long run.

 Key Features of Brodware Organic Finish

  • Organically Changes Colour Over Time
  • Sustainable Coating Process
  • Features Unique Inconsistencies

Electroplate Finish

Brodware’s Electroplate Finish involves applying a liquid metal over the selected material, producing an overall durable product. This finish has the propensity to fade and change appearance thanks to scratches and common wear and tear. Electroplate finish fuses itself to the material and is easy to maintain, making it a great option for the modern bathroom.



Powdercoat Finish

Brodware’s Powdercoat Finish is attached as a dry powder which is heated and developed into a protective layer, making it sturdier than normal paint. The main downside is that the Powdercoat Finish is not completely fused to the surface of the material, therefore, it may fade or change in appearance as time goes on.

Which Brodware Finish Will You Choose?

Whatever finish you choose for your fittings, be sure to research about the maintenance or cleaning that may be needed, and how or if the finish will change over time. Just Bathroomware are here to help with any enquiries on Brodware products and the finishes they offer. Simply get in touch here and we are happy to assist you with specific product enquiries or anything bathroom related!