BetteCraft, BetteArt, BetteLux, BettePond and more BETTE Baths & Basins

Bette is an innovative family business which established in 1952. BETTE enamelled steel baths has consistently developed themselves with creativity and technical and innovative ideas. BETTE works closely with well-known designers and design teams – good design will always support function, from inspiring planning, to safe assembly, to easy, comfortable use.

BetteCraft basins


Discover Bette's high-quality bathroom elements made of glazed titanium steel - impressive design and crafted with precision. 

By using the raw materials glass, water and steel, they create products in a large range of shapes, dimensions and colours, and finish them with an exceptionally brilliant surface, the BETTEGLAZE®.

Bette baths are high quality beautifully crafted and you can choose from a wide range of shapes from rectangular, round and oval freestanding baths to built in baths with different tap hole combinations and waste positions, such as a centred waste position to make bathing with a friend comfortable for both of you. BETTE baths also come with a 30-year Guarantee.

BettePond Silhouette Round Bath - Just dive in and relax.

The BettePond Silhouette bath was awarded the "Best of Best", the highest distinction of the Iconic Awards.

Without beginning and end, without corners and edges: The circle is the most perfect and balanced figure in geometry and stands for harmony, infinity and oneness. With a diameter of a generous 150 centimetres, which can be used comfortably in any direction, the round BettePond Silhouette bath is the ideal place for leisure and deceleration in everyday life - and a real haven of peace in the bathroom. Just dive in and relax completely.

BettePond silhouette round bath by Bette

BetteLux Shape Bath - For the purists

The bathtub with the open, filigree frame construction fits into any modern living environment that values ​​a reduced, minimalist design. Thanks to the frame, the noble, glazed titanium steel of the BetteLux Shape looks very sculptural, but also unusually delicate and light. Different accent colours and other bathroom elements in the same design give the bathroom an architectural character. Pure relaxation by concentrating on the essentials.

BetteLux shape freestanding bath

BetteLux Drop-In or Built-In Bath - For the minimalist

BetteLux is characterised by a flowing, natural design that is formed from an organic basic shape with extremely delicate outer edges. This elegant collection looks wonderfully at home anywhere. The 8-mm folded edge is perfect for flush installation. The generous interior offers a unique level of reclining comfort.
BetteLux drop-in built-in bath

BetteCraft Countertop Basin - Delicate and organic shape

The combination of clear design language and filigree material gives the BetteCraft washbasin an elegant self-evidence. Every shell is hand-made individually from titanium steel in an extensive process, first shaped and then glazed on both the inside and outside. The thin side walls that taper towards the top give the generous shape a delicate and organic effect.
Bette have unveiled a vast range of colours, in fact more than 500, across their exquisite BetteCraft hand-crafted titanium steel basin range.  Made to order, the BetteCraft basins allow for complete design flexibility.  Here is a sample of some of the available colours.
BetteCraft Basin colours

BetteArt Countertop Basin - Stylish and elegant 

The BetteArt counter top washbasin looks as if it has been shaped in a single piece. The shapes of its interior and exterior walls have been skilfully fused together to create a seamless design with extremely narrow sides. This basin comes with no tap hole and available in three sizes, 300mm, 600mm and 800mm.
BetteArt counter top basin 2
BetteArt basins

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