Avenir Heated Towel Rails & Ladders – Buyers Guide

Avenir comprehensive overview of what’s available on the Australian market.
Avenir was established in 2000, their unparalleled range of Australian-made Bathroom Accessories and Heated Towel Ladders has placed them at the forefront of the fine bathroomware industry. Each product is carefully crafted to offer the utmost in quality and innovative engineering. To help their clients choose the best Heated Hail to their bathroom, Avenir created this guide that explains everything you need to know.
Different Types of Heated Towel Rails
In Australia, there are two common heating systems -Hydronic and Dry Element. Hydronic Ladders are filled with liquid that is heated by a single element, thus heating the rails. In contrast, Dry Element Rails & Ladders use an element wire to heat the air inside the rails. Hybrid Ladders & Dry Element Rails use individual dry elements, making them easier to repair, and more energy efficient.
Hydronic Ladder
Water & thermostatically controlled element

Dry Element Ladder

One continuous dry heating element for extended lifespan

Dry Element Rails

Separate dry heating elements for extended lifespan

Hybrid Ladder

Separate dry heating elements for extended lifespan