6 Types of Taps You’ll Find in Australian Bathrooms

If someone were to ask you, what tap are you looking to have in your next bathroom? How would you respond? A standard mixer tap? Or a tap with a lever? How confusing! Most of us will choose a tap based on its appearance, but we forget that different taps are suited for different uses.     

Let’s go through the 6 most common taps found in Australian homes.

The Mixer Tap or Basin Mixer

Mixer taps are what you’ll find in most Australian bathrooms. These taps work by having the hot and cold water emerge from a single spout, where the water is mixed before it comes out.

Available in a wide range of styles and finishes, mixer taps are a great choice in the family bathroom.  

A big plus for mixer taps is their ease of use. A single handle mixer tap can be operated with the back of a hand or a wrist and is therefore excellent for those with sore fingers or wrists.

We sell quality designer brands such as Australian brands Brodware, Sussex Taps and Faucet Strommen; as well as renown European leading brands such as Hansgrohe, Gessi, Hansa and Villeroy & Boch.

brodware basin mixer taps

Bath And Shower Mixer Taps

With water emerging from the bath filler or shower head, this becomes a two-in-one option. The idea of these taps is that you can either take a shower or fill your bathtub; they are multipurpose and great for growing families.

Calibre Wall Basin/Bath Hostess System by Sussex Taps

Pictured above: 

Calibre Wall Basin/Bath Hostess System by Sussex Taps


The Pillar Tap

The traditional pillar tap has two independent valves that control the water flow, one that’s marked ‘hot’ and the other that’s ‘cold’.

In terms of design, a retro-style house may opt to use pillar taps, to keep the old-school feel and to match classic basins and toilets. See the 

Neu England Kitchen Set 1.8031.00 by Brodware


Floor Mounted Taps

Floor mounted taps are becoming a popular choice as the latest bathroom designs feature freestanding bathtubs. These taps can be positioned anywhere in a bathroom, as long as the pipes reach the tub position, and the plumbing doesn’t need to be concealed (as it’s directly floor mounted). See the 

Cascade Floor Bath Mixer by Faucet Strommen

Faucet Strommen tapware


Bath Filler Taps

Like mixer taps, bath filler taps have one or two handles to regulate the flow and temperature of the water. In the end, you have control of the ideal water temperature.

Wall Mounted Taps

For those with inset or built-in bathtubs, wall-mounted taps are an option. They are fixed to the wall and require a plumber to ensure that your pipes and plumbing can run to the affected wall. Wall-mounted taps can also be used for basins, but this is where mixer and pillar taps become more convenient options.


Are You Having a Hard Time Choosing Your Tap?

Taps can transform your bathroom. Depending on what style of bathroom you have, whether it may be modern, or the old-school feel, Just Bathroomware has the perfect taps for your space. We offer basin taps, wall taps, bath filler taps, from iconic brands such as Brodware, Hansgrohe, and Sussex taps just to name a few.

If you need a hand in deciding which taps to choose, get in touch with the experts at Just Bathroomware! Contact us online or call us on (02) 9719 3000 for our Drummoyne store or (02) 9436 3888 for our Crows Nest store.