5 Trendy Bathtub Ideas For Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Pictured Apaiser stone baths

Many say that if you have a house, you need to have a bathtub for a better resale return. Regardless if you agree or disagree with this sentiment, a bath can be found in most Australian households. The rising trend of freestanding baths is not only extravagant and a statement, if you have the space it creates a stunning centrepiece.

While another trend we are seeing is the rise of coloured baths and stone baths; there are countless options when it comes to your bathroom fittings from the types of fixtures, material, colours, and finishes. Let’s go through 5 bath ideas for contemporary or classic bathrooms.

The Stone Bath

This stunning bathroom features an incredible stone tub that complements the exposed walls. The freestanding design by Clearwater Baths has been manufactured with a resin mix, with a polished stainless-steel surround on the base.

Get inspired: Balthazar Stone Bath by Clearwater Baths

balthazar stone bath by clearwater


Keep It Classy with a Clawfoot

Clawfoot bathtubs have been the epitome of class since the Victorian ages, so they are an easy way to bring elegance, luxury and some old charm tradition to your bathroom. This classic white bathtub by Victoria + Albert can add a hint of vintage or highlight the graceful charms to any modern bathroom interior.

Get inspired: Shropshire Slipper Clawfoot Bath by Victoria + Albert.


Shropshire Slipper Clawfoot Bath by Victoria_Albert


Coloured Freestanding Tub

Available in seven colour finishes, this freestanding bath is a luxurious and compact option that offers a serene and private feel. This outdoor bathroom is designed to offer a calming and tranquil bathing experience. The earthy, industrial-themed walls and the sunlight contribute to a relaxing feel, and the freestanding black tub adds a modern touch to the space.

Get inspired: Edge Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert

edge freestanding bath victoria + albert


Comfort In The Curve

The contoured sides of this bath elegantly descend to the floor in one seamless shape. While the extra smooth interior of the bath also includes a sitting platform for maximum comfort and an enjoyable soak. Its extended backrest offers total support for the head and neck – perfect to wash off the long day!

Get inspired: Amalfi Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert

amalfi freestanding slipper bath


By The Side

This unique and modern round bathtub features smooth surfaces and a pleasantly surprising roundness. Made with a remarkable level of skill and craftsmanship, this unique bath allows for complete immersion and relaxation. With a glazed titanium steel exterior, this large deep-set tub is also space-efficient, able to be installed on the side of the room rather than taking up the centre area.

Get inspired: BettePond 1500 Drop In Bath by Bette

Bette Pond 1500 Drop In Bath by Bette

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As we move through our daily routine, our bathroom takes a backseat as a purely practical room. It is where we go to brush our teeth and do our skincare routine every morning and night. But once in a while if you want to stop and experience the bubbles, a bathtub is an easy way to turn your once strictly functional space into a peaceful haven.

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