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Heated Towel Rails, Ladders and individual solo bars are a must

In winter, a warm, dry towel is a very special luxury. But with quality brands such as Hydrotherm, Avenir, Brodware and Bathroom Butler, you have the chance to buy a heated towel rail in Sydney that is second to none. These quality heated towel rails, ladders and racks are made from the finest quality materials to enhance thermal conductivity and prevent corrosion while still featuring cutting-edge design. Elevate the luxury, glamour and convenience of your bathroom.

Choose the ultimate bathroom accessory from our collection of heated towel rails. ladders and individual rails.

Heated towel rails, solo bars and ladders come in various models – wall-mounted, individual rails, floor to ceiling, floor to wall and freestanding. Design styles vary from the soft, rounded bars of our heated towel rail ladders to strong straight square bars and individual single bars. No matter your choice, all of them can be installed in a highly functional and practical configuration.

Single Bar Heated Towel Rails | Just Bathroomware

Brodware Winslow Individual Rail

Heated towel rails are more than just a place to hang your towels!

Keep your towels dry and fresh; they are also a stylish and modern statement for your bathroom. Browse our collection to find the right heated towel rails to suit your bathroom décor and add that special finishing touch for both supreme comfort and ultimate convenience.


Is running a heated towel rail expensive?

Thermostats can be adjusted to switch on and off at times that suit your requirements or simply turned off altogether over summer, which is a great energy-saving option. There's no longer any need to wake to a cold damp and musky smelling towel on a chilly winter's morning. 

Thermostats with timers installed to turned on and off your towel rail at appropriate times that work with your home usage can be very efficient and  your heated towel rail could be no more expensive than running a lightbulb, depending on what type of model you install. However, many homeowners do not take into consideration the money they could be saving in water and electricity bills in not requiring to wash towels as often when using a heated towel rails; as Heated towel rails don't only warm your towel for drying after the shower, but it will also reduce mould growth and dampness which results in your towel remaining fresher for longer!


Are made in Australia, Hydrotherm has a very high standard in heated towel rail design. All Hydrotherm heated towel rails are manufactured entirely from copper tube and solid brass fittings, before being finished in the highly durable electroplated chrome. Copper Tube, renowned for its high thermal conductivity, allows greater heat transfer to your towels, ensuring they dry quickly and evenly.

Their innovative heating elements are immersed in water to ensure a consistent temperature across each rail. All heating elements are thermostatically controlled to maintain the external temperature without the need to continually draw power. 

Heated Towel Rails | Hydrotherm Towel Rails



For over a decade AVENIR unparalleled range of Australian-made Bathroom Accessories has placed us at the forefront of fine bathroomware. Each product is carefully crafted to offer the utmost in quality and innovative engineering, where design and function form the backbone of products that exceed your every expectation.

The majority of Avenir's heated towel rail models are manufactured from 304 or 316 grade polished stainless steel, and come in a variety of finishes.

Avenir – Xylo – TRH5-45 – Heated Towel Rail 450mm – Design Bathware



Cleaning and handling of all finishes must be performed carefully. Clean products using a soft cloth with warm soapy water only. Never use harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners as these will damage the product. Water marks can be removed from Matt Finishes with an application of a carnauba wax based non-abrasive polish on a microfibre cloth. Do not use undue pressure when cleaning and wipe in one direction only. Contact with harsh chemicals such as hair dye, hair bleach etc will result in damage to the finish. Avoid the use of wax based furniture creams as this can result in a build up of deposits which will detract from the appearance.

 Heated Towel Rails & Bathroom Accessories | Avenir ® Australia


Please contact our experienced bathroom showroom consultants at our two Sydney locations – Drummoyne and Crows Nest — with any questions you have about adding heated towel rails to your home. Whether you choose to visit one of our Sydney showroom locations or you prefer to shop online, we have the products you need to make your bathroom really shine. Take your bathroom to the next level and visit Just Bathroomware for heated towel rails that will make an ideal addition to your bathroom.

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