TOTO Bidet Shower Toilets Sale Promotion – IN STORE ONLY!

TOTO Japanese Toilet Spring Sale 2018 in store only

SALE PROMOTION ENDS 30th November 2018 – Don’t miss out on these marked down prices!

TOTO Brings the spirit of Japanese innovation and technology to the Bathroom – Luxury Japanese Bidet Toilet Suites.

 TOTO is the leading manufacturer of luxury toilets, bidet shower toilet seats and bidets throughout Japan and the world. They design their bathroom furnishings in accordance with their ethos of protecting the environment and its finite resources. TOTO was the first to invent the integrated electronic Washlet bidet in 1980. Since then, they have gone on to sell 33 million bidet seats throughout the world. The Neorest model features a automatic night light, the toilet lid automatically opens and closes, auto flush and a Washlet cleansing option to rinse and freshen up after you have used the toilet.

What Is Washlet?

Washlet is TOTO’s signature product. It is an electronic bidet shower seat that uses a water cleansing system that leaves you feeling clean, refreshed and rejuvenated.  Below is an image of  the TOTO Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat – TCF6412AT.

TOTO Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat TCF6412AT

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