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Looking to buy Hand Showers & Rails?

The  best prices on designer Hand Showers & Rails rails in Sydney.  Shower rails are fixed directly to the wall and the shower head piece is connected to a hose that sits in an adjustable cradle where the height and the angle of the spray can be personalised by each user. This is ideal for uses of various heights such as families with children, so that the shower piece height can be adjusted for each individual. They also allow the user to focus the water flow on a particular part of the body- ideal for a range of tasks from shaving, to washing hair, to working around injuries. Many of the shower rails and heads stocked by Just Bathroomware are from quality brands such as Hansgrohe, Sussex Taps, Villeroy & Boch, Brodware and Parisi also incorporate a soap dish to reduce clutter on the shower floor.