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After you buy your designer basin, your plumber will also require some pluming accessories such as a bottle trap to complete the installation. A bottle trap is a crucial component of your plumbing system.  Bottle traps help to keep your bathroom hygienic, they are designed to block potentially harmful gases from rising from the sewage systems from entering your bathroom via the basin waste.

Plumping accessories are often overlooked or their appearance not considered as they are usually hidden but in some minimalist wall hung basin designs , the basin bottle trap is visible; but it doesn’t have to remain standard and ugly. We supply a beautiful range plumbing accessories such as, chrome bottle traps with smooth round or sharp straight lines or special finishes such as Brushed Nickel traps, Bright Gold, Copper, Rumbled Brass, Black or other options so that it matches your tapware and bathroom accessories to complement your bathroom design.

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