Bathroom Brands (Miscellaneous)

IXL Tastic
Australia’s Leaders in Exhaust Fans and Bathroom Heating
IXL Appliances has been helping Australians with their exhaust fans and extraction needs for many years. IXL invented the iconic Tastic range of heating products more than 30 years ago. Still proudly Australian made, the Tastic range represents the pinnacle of workmanship and quality. IXL have become a household name due to our expertise and innovations in the industry, with the Tastic range the corner stone of their business.
IXL Tastics are the original, three-in-one bathroom heat, light and exhaustion fan units designed to warm your body instantly via infrared heat lamps when you’re drying off. IXL tastics keep bathrooms free from steam and moisture build up, and provide general illumination.
Renowned for their quality and efficiency the IXL Tastic Neo range and Neo Module offer elegant, unobtrusive design and special feature options such as tungsten halogen heating lamps, directional LED downlights, and an in-line exhaust fan system that vents directly outside the home.

Stormtech is an Australian family business originally started by John Creighton in 1989. John was asked by an architect to help design a hobless shower for a wheelchair bound client wanting to shower without a carer. A shower without a hob required a very special drainage grate, which John Creighton invented.
With it’s elegant finish, and surface water removal efficiency, this drainage design was adopted as standard, patented, and is now the Stormtech Slimline linear drain.
In 2004 Stormtech won a Design Mark at the Australian Design Awards for their drainage design.
Since 2006, they have been a member of the Standards Australia Committee and has been involved in the writing of the code covering linear drainage in bathrooms, and other plumbing products.
Stormtech Slimline Grates and Drains are patented and unique in their efficiency and versatility. Ideal for both new buildings and renovations, they provide beautiful, stainless steel finished grates for both architectural drainage and special needs access. Stormtech drains connect with all standard plumbing fittings, and have Standards Australia International Certification.

Streamline Products provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of quality bathroom and kitchen products. Constantly searching for the next innovative, ground breaking and exciting products bringing into Australia the World’s leading bathroom and kitchen products and technologies.
Streamline was one of the first to introduce single lever mixers into the Australian market and one of the first to include the Australian Standards Mark. Over the 30 years, they accumulated technical and industry expertise, which has enabled Streamline to better meet the needs and expectations of the Australian consumer.
Streamline constantly search for products that help lower your water consumption as well as working closely with companies that are committed to lowering their carbon footprint.
Manufacturing has an unavoidable impact on the environment, however we choose to work with companies that accept their environmental responsibility and strive for sustainable development.

The philosophy. To Newfom design is an absolute value.
Function becomes an aesthetic symbol and bath fittings are elevated to furnishing details which represents lifestyle and personality.
For this reason Newform is continuously looking for new stylistic and technological solutions not only within the boundary of the industry, but with an equal eye on the fashion world.
Every Newform product becomes a real synthesis of quality, pure design and a charismatic style, adapted to satisfy any different taste.

Zucchetti’s success story first began in a small foundry in Valduggia Italy, set up by Alfredo Zucchetti in 1929. Today the Zucchetti. Kos Group, led by Elena and Carlo, with cousins Marco and Paolo Zucchetti, consists of 4 factories and a logistics centre covering a total of 72,000 square metres, employing 400 people and producing 2 million articles every year.
As one of Italy’s historic design brands, Zucchetti is recognised worldwide as a symbol of products that bear the “Made in Italy” label. For the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, an event of enormous scope that will attract worldwide attention, Zucchetti, the leader in tapware, has been appointed exclusive supplier for the Italian Pavilion, where its extremely high-quality and innovative products will represent Italian excellence.
Zucchetti acts as an interpreter of the contemporary in dialogue with different cultures, responding to the complexities of today’s society and setting trends. Zucchetti’s catalogue is the best expression of the firm’s intention to address any area of taste, whilst ensuring total quality and design, aimed at the type of end user who cares about well-being as a primary value, something to be tested every day.

Zucchetti, its collections and the international designers who have worked for the firm over many years, have significantly contributed to major changes in normal conceptions of what the bathroom can be, in the setting of a domestic dwelling. This change is certainly not limited to creating new physical forms and spaces; it affects the way of life of each person.

Turner Hastings is a supplier of European ceramics, bathroom furniture and fixtures through an uncompromising dedication to the very best in design, quality, selection and service. Whether you prefer sleek, modern design or the classical elegant look, Turner Hastings has your style.
In addition, they offer finest cabinetry and vanities crafted by skilled Australian cabinet makers to complement your selections.
Quality a top priority. Choosing a European ceramic or fine fireclay enables you to create a timeless masterpiece within your home. Manufactured in artisan workshops, only the highest of quality ceramic is used creating straight lines, smooth glossy finishes and a consistent white finish
Every Turner Hastings product – from smallest chrome fitting to the most elaborate ceramic basin and sink – is designed and manufactured to create unique, inviting and luxurious living spaces that stand the test of time

Dado Creations started manufacturing bathtubs and basins in 2007 under the brand name DADObaths. Its unique bathtub material brand was created and trademarked: “DADOquartz”.  DADOquartz represents “timeless luxury and enduring quality”.
DADOquartz is an engineered stone made from resin and quartz and offer a 25 year warranty. The material has a natural matt stone appearance, and is silky smooth to the touch.  Products are also available in a high gloss finish. The full-bodied product is void-free with no fissures or veins. This gives strength and the special high heat retention properties to the DADOquartz baths, basins and vanities.  These properties offer you the prospect of long relaxing baths. DADOquartz is also resistant to scratching, abrasion and to micro-organism and bacterial growth.
There is a variety of bathtub designs to satisfy a wide range of customer needs. The basins are available in free-standing, top-mounted, under-slung and inset styles. DADOquartz vanities are available in a choice of sizes with single or double bowls. The vanities can be installed with or without cabinets and are supplied with mounting brackets.
The company manufactures bathtub models like Acanthus, Moloko, Deonne bathtubs and basin models like Moloko, Deonne and Annelie. From 2008 to 2009 Dado Creations produced various colours including black and beige (stone) to supply the growing market. 2010 was met with a growing range of models including Celine, Carmen, Emily and Elizabeth bathtubs accompanied by a matching and complementary range of basins.
In 2014 DADO introduced the City range into the world market starting with the Amsterdam, Dubaiand London bathtub and basins. This successful range is now available throughout the world.