2019 Bathroom Trends – Colour, Soft Curves, Organic Materials

The latest bathroom trends for 2019

Colour, soft flowing curves, organic materials such as wood finishes, concrete and natural stone, the likes of heavily veined marble and round mirrors were key design features at Milan Design Week 2018. Retro geometric patterns, hexagon mirrors, frosted and textured glass, decorative wall papers and textured tiles seem to be very popular.

Colour played a strong role at Milan Design Week it seems that in 2019 colour basins, baths and bathroom furniture will be the new trend, from various shades of earthy terracotta, pinks, greens and blues to warm neutrals and black, rose gold, bronze and brass accents. Some designers using strong bold hues of green, pink, papaya and blueberry.




The colour Yellow and Orange in varying desert tones from bright egg yolk yellow to a dusty soft pastel peach orange seemed to be the most prominent colour hue.


Interesting short video to watch about this subject called – Milan in Colour by  Lucy Feagins Editor & Founder of The Design Files (one of Australia’s most popular design blog)


Another interesting view is from Elizabetta Rizzato from ITALIANBARK  – An Interior and Design BLOGGER, where she writes about – COLOR TRENDS 2019 | PASTELS ARE THE NEW NEUTRALS.

Milky ice-cream colors to be layered and use on walls and accessories, to replace white in a more confident way of decorating. To be complemented by warm and soft hues, such as terracotta and chocolate, and nude ones such as beige and mushroom.

This return to pastel colors goes together with a new retro flavour with a Seventies twist that is clear in the soft shades and big structures of the latest furniture collection. Metals, like gold and brass, are still confirmed as key materials for accents, together with patterns and textures like the marble and terrazzo ones. But everything comes together in a new whole mood that is softer, brighter and toned down.


The pastel colors for 2018/2019

Here some pastel new hues I think will be very cool for the upcoming months:

  1. Lilac : lavander and lilac are a much softer (and nicer!) version of the Ultra Violet trend announced by Pantone as Color of the Year 2018 (and that did not convince most of the interior designers, indeed)
  2. Primrose Pink and Tea Rose Millennial Pink is still everywhere and that was also at IMM Cologne and Stockholm Furniture Fair, but also in lighter and brighter hues and not just in the powder pink we are already used to see (a lot)
  3. Peach Orange : the Seventies comeback comes together with a new use of earthy colors including orange tones. Peach Orange is a beautiful shade between Pink and Orange, quite neutral but not so much neutral: for this reason I’m bettng is will be the new Millennial Pink we will see very much around in the next months;
  4. Celadon, Celery and Avocado : I already posted about this colors in this article about the new greens. Love to see how the dark green trend has turned into these much lighter and soft hues of greens
  5. Lemon Yellow : yellow is another of the key colors for this year, but here again in its lighter and fresh version of muted lime and lemon yellow


From her BLOG… read more https://www.italianbark.com/interior-color-trends-2019-pastel-interiors/