Concrete and Stone Basins: The Pros and Cons


Is a Concrete or Stone Basin for You?

Concrete and stone basins make quite the statement, don’t you think? You can thank its perfectly imperfect organic look that makes concrete and stone an increasingly popular choice of material in bathrooms. With various finishes and stunning colours to select from, a concrete or stone basin may be appealing if you are on the hunt for something unique and practical in your next bathroom renovation.

You can easily transform your bathroom in your next renovation by choosing either a concrete or stone basin, and if you’d like to read more on this, see our handy blog about how to choose the right basin. To help you out further, we have compiled a short list of the pros and cons of choosing a the right basin for your bathroom.

Concrete and Stone Basins: The Pros and Cons
Concrete and Stone Basins: The Pros and Cons

The Pros of Concrete & Stone Basins


As a material, concrete is very durable and can last upwards of 50 to 60 years with the correct maintenance. It takes a lot for concrete to look worn, making it perfect for bathrooms used by families or even busy powder rooms.

Textures and Colours

Long gone are the days of concrete that is only available in plain, simple gray. Today’s concrete and stone can be tinted and is offered in a wide array of colours, from neutrals to light pastel shades, and can be finished off to remind you of sleek, natural rock.

Our suggestion: Coin Round Concrete Basin

Reasonably Priced

Although concrete & stone basins are generally pricier than traditional or porcelain basins, a concrete or stone basin is more affordable than you might think.

Easy Maintenance

Some of these basins may need to be sealed prior to or straight after installation, and this sealer should be reapplied every 10 years or so to maintain its shine with a protective coating.

Our suggestion: Lunar Globe Marble Stone Basin by Apaiser

The Cons of Concrete or Stone Basins

Cracks and Scratches

Even though these basins are an exceptionally durable material, it can still be vulnerable to scratches and stains. And on the off chance that a heavy item falls into your basin, there is a slight chance that it will crack, revealing tiny, hairline fractures. So, in the long run, you may have to get used to minor marks and scratches if you choose a concrete stone basin for your bathroom.

Porous Material

Concrete is porous by nature, meaning that a sealer is essential to blocking out any moisture, as well as preventing avoidable stains.


Concrete & stone basins usually take 2 or more weeks to cure, extending your bathroom renovation schedule over the usual timeframe. This needs to be kept in mind especially if you are on a stricter timeframe for your renovation or remodel.

Your Luxury Bathroomware Specialists

Choosing a concrete or stone basin is becoming increasingly trendy in modern Australian bathrooms, with its distinctive look and overall practicality being two good reasons for its use.

This material offers a range of benefits but has some challenges as well.

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