Studio Bagno NueCrete Concrete Basins – Coming soon!

Studio Bagno NueCrete concrete basins

Take a look at these gorgeous new fibre reinforced concrete basin range by Studio Bagno coming soon to our Just Bathroomware showrooms!


The NueCrete concrete basin range is manufactured using a completely new production process to mould reinforced concrete into gorgeous counter top bathroom basins.


Sealed and non-porous surface, the NueCrete basin range is available in 3 shapes:


As if weathered by water, the soft internal edge of Tundra      Studio Bagno Tundra Neu Crete Basin
welcomes your daily rituals.








The pure geometry of the circle, with sharp, crisp walls which Studio Bagno Silo Neu Crete Basin
play with light.








Simple and purposeful, the rectangular shape of Quarry is the       Studio Bagno Quarry Neu Crete Basin
epitome of architectural minimalism.










Also available in a choice of five colours:

  • Original Concrete
  • Storm Gray
  • Powder Blue
  • Rose Quartz Pink
  • Pumice White