Valsir exposed and in-wall flush cisterns. Technology and respect for the environment.

The head and heart of Valsir are in Vestone, in Valsabbia, on the route which leads from Lake Garda to the Brenta Dolomites.

It is here that the strategies of this globally oriented company are defined, involving business agreements and joint-ventures in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Economic growth, technological development, pursuit of quality, on-going research, project design activities, the strong presence in European markets and in the rest of the world are the elements that have guided and still guide Valsir policies today.

Manufactured to high technological and aesthetic standards, Valsir cisterns are available in various different versions: exposed, close-couple and in-wall. Much attention has been dedicated to the water saving features of each cistern: Valsir produces a range of cisterns that generate a flush volume of just 4.5 l; it is also possible with the dual flush button on other models to choose the volume according to necessity, thereby avoiding wastage.

The Valsir Design Flush Push Plates line is part of a project launched by Valsir for the showroom distribution channel and encompasses over 240 models made with innovative and refined materials, a multitude of finishes and sizes, which allow all bathrooms to be personalised with a touch of sophistication. All the Valsir Design plates incorporate buttons with different finishes and characterised by a softness of actuation, silence and precision.